Bravo Muki! An inspiration to all of us!

A very nice story in yesterday’s Toronto Star about Michael MUKI Baum, a true marathon hero and inspiration to all of us.

Muki has cerebral palsy but it hasn’t slowed him down in his champion fundrasing efforts for the Muki Baum Centres. Muki and his supporters have been a strong group in the Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge at STWM. Here’s their page from last year’s Charity Challenge:

2011 SG Charity Challenge at STWM Launches ~ March 1st, with 150 charities excpected this year. Who are you going to run for?

If you are involved in a charity that you want to be considered as an Official Charity at STWM2011, application deadline is January 31st. Conct Ahn Vuong for an app.

Here’s MUKI and Team MB at victorious on September 26th.

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