Thelma Wright’s Report from NACAC XC as Team Canada shines in the sun!

Kate Harrison winning Canadian National XC Championships in Guelph last November.

 February 19th. Thanks to THELMA WRIGHT for the following Report — just in, from Today’s NACAC XC Championships at the Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad.

A SUPER day for Team Canada, as the Juniors took BOTH Men’s and Women’s team titles. And Kate Harrison was 1st in Senior Women’s race; Cam Levins a tough 2nd in a great battle in the Senior Men’s contest.

Here’s THELMA’s Report:

 1.  Chelsea Orr  USA 13:53.2
2. Fiona Benson  CAN  13:59.4
3. Maria Bernard  CAN 14:01.8

4.Villanueva Cortes MEX 14:03.1
5. Carolyn Pfister CAN 14:07.8
6. Carise Thompson CAN 14:08.5
7. Julia Foster  USA  14:12.1
8. Ciara Kary   CAN 14:15.0
9. Emily Driedger CAN 14:27.2
Teams >>  1st  CANADA 16 pts 2. USA 28 pts 3 Puerto Rico 61  4 Jamaica 62
1. Ross Proudfoot  CAN  18:26.74
2. Connor Darlington CAN 18:28.09
3. Paul Janikowski  CAN 18:28.34
4. Clint McKelvey USA 18:37.79
5 Said Diaz Ceron MEX 18:38.46
6. Xavier King CAN 18;54.64
7. Andrew Kowalsky CAN 18:55.12
14 Rob Denault  CAN  19:29.36
TEAMS: 1st CANADA 12.  2.USA 37  3 Puerto Rico 

Team Canada at NACAC XC 2011, Trinidad

Senior Women  6K
1. Kate Harrison   CAN     20:18.8
2. Megan Duwell  USA  20:21.2
3. Kim Conley USA 20:23.9
4. USA
5. USA
8.  Dana Buchanan CAN 21:16.9
10. Kathryn Vaughan CAN 21:27.5
11. Natasha Wodak CAN 21:41.5
1. Robert Cheseret USA  23:42.7
2. Cameron Levins CAN 23:45.8
3. Colin Leak USA 23.50.7
4. Barry Britt CAN   23:53.8
9. Kelly Wiebe CAN 24:15.7
22.* Alex Genest    CAN   26;20.9
27.* Derek Snider  CAN   26:53.8
*  Both suffering from Flu 
Teams : 1. USA 15 pts  2. CANADA 37pts  
Weather cooperated as the clouds came over at 2:30pm and by 3:30pm it was raining lightly and temperatures dropped considerably 
The teams did us proud and Kate and Cameron had incredible races with very tough finishes . 

 Junior Men’s race was fast and Canada impressive at the line… what a great finish and what a great podium sweep!   

In Jr womens Fiona Benson came on strong to place second and Maria Bernard stole 3rd from the Mexican in the last 5 metres! 
All races had exciting finishes and  20 countries were represented with approx 166 competitors in total. Most races had 4 full teams but with 7 or more countries represented.


 –Thelma WRIGHT. 

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