“Radiya Adilo is Keeping it in The Family,” by Paul Gains

TORONTO. September 28th. Marathon running is a family affair for Radiya Adilo.

The soon to be 23 year old Ethiopian will race in the 2012 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and is a member of an elite group of some eighty members coached by her older brother Haji.

Armed with a personal best of 2:29:00 recorded earlier this year at the Chongqing International Marathon in China, Adilo has her sight set on victory in Toronto which is an IAAF Silver Label race. At the very least she can count on the support of her family members.

“I have a very large family,” she reveals, “and all of my brothers and sisters are athletes or coaches. Haji is our head coach. Our other brother Kedir is the assistant coach. My brother Kasine Adilo is a 2:10 marathoner and multiple champion of the Istanbul Marathon. My brother Hussein is a 2:09:09 marathoner as well and my sister Sofia is a 2:30 Marathoner too.”

Haji himself ran 2:12:25 for the distance before becoming a coach. Meanwhile, Kasine ran his personal best time in the 2007 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and is the husband of 2010 Boston Marathon women’s champion Teyiba Erkesso.

The group trains together in the Entoto and Sululta forests near Addis or on the track at the national stadium. Success is measured not only in world class performances but also in financial terms. Like the others Adilo counts on earning bonus money offered for fast times by the Toronto organizers.

“I have been a consistent 2:29-2:30 athlete for my career so to achieve these time bonuses for me would be huge,” she admits. “And, yes, the money is great but to hit this time range would be even better to really solidify myself in the upper ranks of female marathoners.”

“Hopefully my running career will provide me with the ability to either enter my own business in the future or provide me with the financial means to start and support current business in Ethiopia to provide for my family. I hope to own some property and real estate to sell in Ethiopia in the near future.”

Adilo will have her hands full with the elite women’s field at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon with the likes of her countrywoman Netsanet Achamo (2:24:12 personal best) and Kenya’s Agnes Kiprop (2:23:54 personal best) in the field. But as the past has proven runners make staggering leaps at this event.


For more information on Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon see: www.stwm.ca

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