“Trying not to watch the clock.” Training for Toronto Yonge Street 10K, with Chris Doyle

Have YOU “Joined the Movement” yet? TORONTO YONGE STREET 10K. April 21st.

This is the first in a series of blog posts from Christopher Doyle, a 55 minute 10K guy who loves running and hopes to get a little faster in the dash down Yonge Street on April 21st. 

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Introducing Christopher Doyle.

Having recently been reunited with his love of running, Christopher is a 37-year-old Dad to four children ages 8, 6, 3 and 1, including his precocious eldest daughter. They live in Whitby and he works downtown for CBC Sports. He now runs three to four times a week, and recently completed his first half marathon. His 10K PB is 55:53, and he’s hoping to run 54:00 or better on April 21st. Will he make it? Read on…


Trying not to watch the clock

“You look ridiculous.”

Those were the inspiring words of encouragement I received from my 8-year-old daughter this past Saturday, heading out for my first “long run” since before the holidays.

Granted, she had a point, and I’d asked for the opinion.

I’d recently rescued my treadmill from its duties as “thing where miscellaneous spring jackets hang” to a more prominent place in front of my TV in the basement, just in time to train for the Toronto Yonge Street 10K (forever more here and on Twitter simply referred to as, #TYS10K).

Despite the ability to watch hockey and run at the same time, the treadmill really isn’t for me. My biggest problem with it is the clock.

For some reason, I’m obsessed with looking at the time on a treadmill, which leads to having strange conversations with myself. “Hmm, you’ve only been running 6 minutes? That’s not very long. Feeling tired. That couch looks inviting.”

And so on.

It got so bad that I actually covered the clock up with a small towel to keep me from watching it. Then my eyes found the clock on my Rogers PVR box. Time to cover that up, too.

For me, there’s nothing that replaces running in the great outdoors, where the scenery changes and there’s no fear I’ll see a clock.

Now was my time.

This day’s long run was going to be just under 20K. I was eager to try and maintain the training base I’d built up after running my first Half this past October, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront marathon.

I was layered in two sweaters, the top one a grey hoodie, covering up my brand new “Fuel Belt,” a Christmas present. A Toronto Maple Leafs toque adorned my noggin for extra warmth.

“Dad, why are you wearing a toque with a pompom on it?” the same daughter inquired, while my wife told me to get out there, no one would see me running anyways.

The run was a successful one. It felt good to be out again.

My wife picked up the aforementioned Fuel Belt, saying “Did you wear this like THIS on your run?” She was pointing to a large black hook they use to hang these products on store racks. Apparently it isn’t meant to accompany you on your run.

Well, at least no one saw me.

Lying around on the couch (watching hockey) that same afternoon, my phone buzzed.

It was a friend of mine texting, asking if that was me he saw out running this morning.

He said I looked like Rocky.

Christopher Doyle is a digital champion for #TYS10K, follow him @chrisdoyle

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