Quest for Boston

TORONTO June 20th. Digital Champion Steve Blaskie is running STWM this year to qualify for Boston. Hoping to qualify this spring at the Ottawa Marathon Steve ran 3:13, meaning he has to shave 8 minutes off his marathon time for October 20th. Can he do it? Follow Steve on twitter @Zepphead and check out his blog at Canadian Paleo Athlete.

Quest for Boston. By Steve Blaskie

Can I be honest?

I had this fun, little, feel-good, pick-me-up post prepared on how my Quest for Boston is coming along and in the back of my mind I thought I would have already qualified for Beantown by now during the Ottawa Race Weekend.

But that did not happen.

During the Ottawa Marathon, I got a rude awakening at the 34k mark. I heard the 3:05 pace bunny pack right behind me. For only having run 2 marathons prior, it’s pretty amazing how quickly I picked up on who and what was behind me without turning around. The sounds of a thousand footsteps in synch, it’s like I could feel their breath on the back of my neck.

Seconds later, I slowly looked out of the corner of my eye and there it was…that silly little hat with those silly little paper ears and silly white sign with a scribbled “3:05 Continuous” on it. Now of course, when I make Boston, all those “silly” words I just threw out will instantly become “beautiful.”

I stayed with the 3:05  group for about a kilometre and was thinking “8 more kilometres to go Steve. You can do this!” All the while, the group was slowly pulling away from me. I quickly looked at my Garmin, 4:22 pace, 4:25, 4:32. My pace time was forever dwindling.

I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t. It wasn’t like I was running too fast and I didn’t feel like I was going to get sick. So many questions were running through my head: “Did I drink too much water?” “Did I down too much gel?”

It was my legs, they couldn’t keep up. My quads felt like two bricks and my shins and calves felt like spaghetti. A pretty simple diagnosis: I wasn’t strong enough.

Realistically I was gunning for a 3:10/3:15 finish at Ottawa. My first marathon was the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon last year and I finished in 3:29. In the end I finished Ottawa with a 3:13 chip time, shaving 16 minutes off of my STWM time from last year.

Now I have to trim 8 more minutes off my time during this summer’s training! As you all know, STWM will be where I qualify for Boston!

Right now I am upping the intensity and duration of my workouts. Here is my workout summary for June/July. All distances will increase as I get closer to the marathon and Ironman that I am training for:

Monday: 30 minute open water swim.
Tuesday: 40k bike, 6k pace run.
Wednesday: 10k hill run with 22lb weight vest.
Thursday: 10k run, weight session in the gym.
Friday: Rest Day.
Saturday: 30 minute swin, 70k bike.
Sunday: 25k run, 50k bike.

With all of the kilometres I’m logging, I will be digesting over 4000 calories and 4 litres of water daily! Check back for my second blog post on the road to STWM for an update on my Quest for Boston!

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3 Responses to Quest for Boston

  1. Steve
    You have a competitor’s spirit.I have NO doubt you will achieve your goal at #STWM. If we were betting, my money would be on you.
    I just hope you might still be around by the time I cross the finish line so I can congratulate you in person, but I am sure you will be long gone celebrating your accomplishment!
    Onward to Boston
    Christa Davidson

  2. Kyle Kranz says:

    Need more time at goal race pace (or a bit faster) during those long runs!

    Just wait until next time, you’re on the way!

  3. LWalsh says:

    Wishing all good vibes as you train to reach your goal for a BQ!

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