Toronto 10 miler & 5K; see you in 2014!

Dear Friends & fellow-runners;

It is with a real sense of disappointment that I’m writing to let you know that after a lengthy team meeting this afternoon we have regrettably decided that we have to cancel the 2013 running of the Toronto 10 miler & 5K, scheduled for August 11th.

We appreciate that there are a large number of you who love this event, and the opportunity to run through fabulous Tommy Thompson Park in a well-organized, summer race. We feel exactly the same way! One of my favourite photos is the one we have of the late Danny Kassap — all smiles – at The Distillery, following the 2009 edition of the 10 miler.

Danny at The Distillery after the 2009 Toronto 10 miler

Please understand that we have worked very hard to make the 2013 edition happen. But the massive amount of construction in downtown Toronto and on the race route (especially on Cherry and Leslie Streets and around The Distillery) has made it impossible. We have worked on this for months and tried SO many different options on the course, and even the venue. In the end, we have come to believe that it is impossible for us to deliver a Canada Running Series event for you in August. We value you enormously as fellow runners and customers, and feel that none of us would be happy with a sub-standard running experience this year. We may have been able to cobble something together; but it has become increasingly apparent over the last few weeks that none of us would be happy. It would not be a CRS-quality event.

So, along with the disappointing news and our apologies for forces beyond our control, we want to invite you to join us for some of the STWM Tune Up Training Runs, for OASIS ZooRun, and for STWM itself in the rest of CRS 2013. We will devote any extra time we have to making these events even more special as CRS “running experiences”! And we are already working on some exciting options to overcome the construction and bring back a CRS Toronto summer race in 2014!

Yours in sport,

Alan (Brookes),

Race Director,

Canada Running Series.

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3 Responses to Toronto 10 miler & 5K; see you in 2014!

  1. Marky Mark says:

    I really respect this decision. Yes, I will miss it, but if you don’t think you can do a quality event then your decision is for sure the right one!

  2. Natalie says:

    Dear Alan

    As disappointing as this is, I have every confidence that CRS tried their very best with exploring all options, and that for this race to have been canceled it must have been a tough call.

    I truly do love this race – the scenic route is so wonderful! I’ve already registered for the STWM and the ZooRun plus two of the Tune-Up training sessions, so I look forward with excitement to that :-))

    It’s kinda ironic though because I am a construction professional – so whereas I complete understand from a construction and safety standpoint, I find myself nonetheless disappointed from a runner’s standpoint :-))

  3. Alan and CRS team
    This decision demonstrates, without a doubt, why your races are top notch.
    I was looking forward to running the “10 miler” for the first time and it was going to fit in nicely to my #STWM training, BUT I am so glad that you would rather present a quality race than collect registration money for a sub par event!
    My respect and appreciation of your commitment to quality outweighs my disappointment and I look forward to the race in 2014!

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