Training as a Team

TORONTO June 24. Digital Champion Alyssa Cheung is training for her first marathon with Anne’s Team. Alyssa hopes her personal experiences — training progress, successes, failures and even setbacks — will inspire other runners to lace up and join her at the starting line of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Connect with Alyssa on twitter @The_Real_Alyssa and her blog.

Training as a Team. By Alyssa Cheung

Growing up, I always loved the idea of playing sports, particularly on teams. I never really enjoyed individual sports like cross-country or track and field.

That all changed when I found Anne’s Team – a group of people who love running not only for themselves, but for a cause that matters: bringing awareness to mental illness in youth. Anne’s Team has runners of all levels including Boston qualifiers and first time marathoners like myself. Having such a diverse group of runners on the team has helped nurture my growth both as a runner and as an individual.

Here are a few reasons why I love training with a group:

1. They get you out of bed: If there is a group waiting for you, it’s more likely that you’ll get up to run!

2. They pick you up: Team members encourage you and help you along when feelings of self-doubt creep up or when your motivation is low.

3. It’s as rewarding to support others as it is to receive support from fellow runners.

4. Great way to meet new people! A lot of the people I have met through Anne’s Team have become my friends outside of running as well!

Before I discovered a training team, the marathon distance seemed out of reach. After just three weeks of training with Anne’s Team, running has once again become enjoyable and fun. It is fantastic to run with a group who has the same love and passion for running as I do. It truly does help to get me out of bed for 8am runs on Saturday mornings.

Some people prefer to train alone because they see running as a time just for themselves to clear their heads. For our longer Saturday morning runs, we start as a group, but with differing levels of runners, everyone can choose their own pace. Some of us just zone out or break into smaller groups, chatting along the way. Usually I stay with a group, but listen to music as a I run.

The biggest reward you get from training with a group is motivation from fellow runners! When you see others work hard, your brain pushes you and you start working harder as well!

With the support and encouragement from Anne’s Team and my fellow runners at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, I am determined to run 42.2k this year for the first time, but definitely not the last!

Interested in running with a team? It’s not too late to join us on Anne’s Team as we journey to the start line. Find out more information at

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