STWM Training with the Running Room.

TORONTO August 12th. Digital Champion Miranda MacDonald has been training for her very first marathon with the Running Room! An avid runner for the last 2 years, Miranda has tackled a half-marathon and 30k race, and is now ready for the pinnacle of running accomplishments: the full marathon. This is Miranda’s second blog on the Road to STWM. Connect with Miranda on Twitter @MirandaMac on and her blog, Thoughts and Pavement.

STWM Training with the Running Room. By Miranda MacDonald.

Training for a marathon is no easy task – especially by yourself. That’s why as soon as I made the decision to run a marathon, I signed up for the Running Room marathon training clinic. The thought of running distances more than 20k alone made me cringe. I knew I was going to need a group to keep me committed and motivated. Plus, it’s great to be around another group of people that get marathon training. We all have a common goal so it’s easy to support each other.

While running is often considered the ultimate solo sport, there are some obvious benefits to running with a group:

Consistency: When running solo, it’s easy to bail. I can easily convince myself to stay home on the couch, or go shopping instead of going out for that 15k I planned, but when there’s a group involved, there’s more accountability. You’ll tend to give up less when you know there’s a group waiting for you at the Running Room.

Confidence: With the Running Room, I’m never left wondering if I’m training enough. In the past, when I trained alone, I often wondered if my runs were long enough. I worried that I wouldn’t be ready on race day or that I undertrained. The coaches are the Running Room are experts. Thousands of people have done this clinic before me and successfully completed a marathon, so that gives me total confidence that I will be ready by race day.

Improved Performance: Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition?  I’ve noticed that running with a group, makes me run harder. It’s like positive peer pressure! In fact, Rob Udewitz, a sports psychologist in New York, said many runners actually change their pace when they run in a group. “There is a phenomenon of running with people where you run faster and easier.” It’s true! When you’re running with other people who are better and faster than you are, it motivates you to take it to the next level.

Miranda's Running Room Training Group

New Friends: Running in a group is a great way to meet new people, especially people who have similar interests and abilities. Runs also seem to go by quicker when you are chatting with a new friend. I love running with a group of girls who like to chat because the kilometres just fly by.

New Routes: Not only do you discover new places to run, you also discover new things along your running route. New restaurants, new stores, random parks…it’s a great way to find new things in your own city.

The other great thing about the Running Room? Our Wednesday evening and Sunday morning runs are open to everyone! Come join us this weekend – there are always a variety of distances to choose from. For more information on the Running Room training clinics, check out the details here.

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