The Music That Keeps Me Moving

TORONTO February 2nd 2014. Lisa Davidson is thrilled to be a part of the Digital Champions team for the third time (TYS10K 2013 and STWM 2013). As the mother of a very active two-year-old boy, Lisa has turned a portion of playtime into training time by pushing her son in a jogging stroller. Lisa believes in the importance of both mental and physical well-being for leading a happy and healthy life, and strives to inspire others to be active. Connect with Lisa on Twitter @TorontoFitMom.

The Music That Keeps Me Moving. By Lisa Davidson.

lisa musicWhen I run, I have to listen to music. I will spend hours searching for the perfect songs to add to my playlist, and if after a run I feel like a song didn’t fit, I will delete it instantly and begin the search again. No one is safe – even Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” got the axe after a 10K race. I have a wide variety of music that I like to listen to, from Foo Fighters to Kanye West. Below are a few songs that carry me through both my training runs and races.

When I start off my runs, I like something upbeat and pop-y like Pitbull’s “Timber.” It features Ke$ha and gets me warmed up and feeling good! Next up is some Avicii. “I Could Be The One,” “Wake Me Up,” or “Hey Brother” all get me nice and limber and help me settle into a comfortable breathing pattern.

About halfway into my run I’m starting to pump my legs faster and harder and the song that keeps me going is MKTO’s “Thank You.” This song reminds me of a great trip I took last year and so it brings back many happy memories. At this point I am smiling and having fun and feel like Lanni Marchant racing to her Canadian Women’s Marathon record victory at STWM. In reality, this is what I look like – sweaty and red in the face with flared nostrils.

LISA TYS10KWhen I want to pick it up and start to fly, I turn to some old-fashioned musical theatre. My go-to song? “Defying Gravity” from the musical Wicked. When this song comes on I am speeding and my legs are flying, “I’m through accepting limits ’cause someone says they’re so, some things I cannot change, but ’till I try, I’ll never know.”  This song reminds me that a lot of people look at me and don’t think I look like a “typical runner,” but I keep going, envision my success and become stronger.

As I near the end of my run, I need some angry music to get me through. This is where I put on some Kayne West. I need some serious inspiration to get my game face on.

Putting together the perfect playlist is something I do every week. My music inspires me to run faster, further and stronger.

Do you listen to music while training and racing? What songs keep you going?


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2 Responses to The Music That Keeps Me Moving

  1. One of my favourites is Kamikaze by Tenpenny Joke. I first heard it on a YouTube video about Canadian Trail Running. It’s a very motivating song as is My Body by Young the Giant. Music is such a personal thing and we interpret according to our experiences. I listened to Defying Gravity this morning and guess what is going on my playlist for my next long run? I’ll think of you pushing through a big race when I hear it and that will spur me forward. Great blog post, Lisa.

  2. Emily says:

    I ALWAYS finish every race to Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Greyhound’….on repeat for like 1-2k depending how tired I am. It’s all *unce unce unce* and gets me way too revved up. Strong finish!

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