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TORONTO. March 16th 2014. As a recovering alcoholic Digital Champion Christa Davidson uses running to stay sober. Christa celebrates 3 years sobriety on January 15 2014 and credits her success to lacing up and pounding the pavement. Inspiring others to set and achieve their running goals is something she is passionate about. The spirit of the running community is contagious and she is proud to be part of it. Connect with Christa on Twitter @christadavidson and on her blog.

Running On Tweets.  By Christa Davidson.

Meeting Twitter friends @runningchic and @laulaubird

Meeting Twitter friends @runningchic and @laulaubird

I don’t run with a group and for the most part, I like it that way. In the past I have incurred injuries trying to keep up with other runners while out on group runs. I have learned that if I am on my own or with my one and only running partner, @tamaraconroy3, then I behave and run to my capabilities. If I am in a group situation I am always trying to keep up to the other runners so I’ll have someone to commiserate with.  Group runs are a great resource for many people, I just haven’t found a group that works for me yet.

Even though I am not the kind of person that thrives in a group situation, I do love support. How do you get support, tips, and hints and grow as a runner when you can’t access the wisdom and experience of a running group? Through social media of course!

My journey as a runner and a recovering alcoholic has been publicly supported via social media. I am an active Twitter and Facebook junkie because they serve a need I have to be accepted. The people I engage with on twitter on a regular basis are people I would call friends, even though, most of them I have never met. These friends have filled a role in
my running life and I consider them my running family. Here are some tweets I received recently:

Words of encouragement: ‘Drove past a 42.2 sticker on Hwy 11. 1st thought: Hardcore. 2nd thought: Hey, is that @christadavidson? From @coopkaryn.

Words of wisdom: ‘You will do just fine, C. Patience, persistence…keep hitting the streets & it will come together guaranteed.’ From @ultramyron.

Advice: ‘You are pronating and your feet aren’t strong enough to support the
pronation. You are overusing that stabilizing tendon.’ From @runningchic.

Social media has played a big role in my development as a runner and a recovering alcoholic. If you don’t use twitter, I invite you to give it a try to enhance your running journey. It can never hurt to have more friends and acquaintances with common interests. If you are intimidated by twitter because you aren’t sure how to navigate it, check out this article, “The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter” from Mashable.

TYS10K Christa Blog 2Once you have created your account, look me up here @christadavidson, I am always happy to interact regarding my favorite topics of running and sobriety  You can also search the hashtag (#): #TYS10k. Here you will find all the posts from people that are chatting about their training and preparation for race day.

Social media plays a big role in my life and as part of your preparation for the Toronto Yonge Street 10K and  I challenge you to give it a whirl.

P.S: By reading this blog post you have utilized social media! Let me know what you thought on twitter @christadavidson!

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