Awesome Race Signs To Cheer With

TORONTO. April 2nd 2014. When Andrew ran his first 10K two and half years ago, he felt like a hero. The city streets were closed just for his run. People cheered him on like he was an Olympian. He got a sparkly medal that he could keep wearing for days. And he had all-you-can-eat bagels at the finish. He was hooked.

The Toronto Yonge Street 10K was that very first race that he ran two and a half years ago. He’s thrilled to be a race ambassador and to be able to encourage others to run this race as either their first 10K or for those seeking a personal best time. In other words, he just wants others to feel like a hero too.You can read about Andrew’s running obsessions on his Obsessive Runner blog on or follow him on Twitter @AndrewChak.

Awesome Race Signs To Cheer With. By Andrew Chak.

With race season upon us, it’s time for us to get excited and get inspired to run our best. For those who are on the sidelines enthusiastically cheering us on as we run by we appreciate every effort you make to spur us on. We especially appreciate creative race signs that bring a smile to our face when we really need it.

In an effort to inspire other race sign ideas, I gathered together a group of the Toronto Yonge Street 10K Digital Champions (and some friends) to share with you some awesome race signs that we hope to see at this and other races. If you like these signs, go to iRun to see 10 more awesome race signs!

Olympian marathoner @EricGillis42_2k cheers us on with a classic quote


@TorontoFitmom reminds us how to run faster

AwesomeRaceSigns-TorontoFitmom@JodiLewchuk knows just how good looking us runners are!

AwesomeRaceSigns-JodiLewchuk@TheAthletarian give us good motivation to finish fast!

AwesomeRaceSigns-TheAthletarian@Mark_Sawh calls ‘em like he sees ‘em

AwesomeRaceSigns-Mark_Sawh@christadavidson encourages us to run with a sense of urgency

AwesomeRaceSigns-christadavidson@lindamnguyen uses her arms to power our legs

AwesomeRaceSigns-lindamnguyen@RunSoulCycle cannot hide her disappointment

AwesomeRaceSigns-RunSoulCycle@The_Real_Alyssa gives us a boost when we need it

AwesomeRaceSigns-The_Real_Alyssa@andrewchak explains why he’d rather be running

AwesomeRaceSigns-andrewchakNeed a bit more inspiration or some more laughs? Check out the other 10 awesome race signs on iRun! Will you be cheering at the Toronto Yonge Street 10K on April 13th? What will your sign say?

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