Toronto Yonge Street 10K Runners’ Rumble

TORONTO. April 8th. They’re some of your favourite writers and podcasters. You’ve read their words and heard them interview your favourite running stars, and now it’s time to see whose feet move the fastest! What started as a challenge posted on Twitter has turned into a full-blown Runner’s Rumble, and we’re here to keep the (friendly?) competition fierce and the runners hungry for victory!

Over the next 4 days we will reveal our competitors and give you an inside look at how they plan to get to the finish line first. You’ll meet Crazy Legs, Mr. Pain(e), Sparky, and the Almost Elite. Who are the runners behind these fearsome names? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

Today we introduce you to our fourth and final runner, Dan!

Tys10K Runners Rumble Dan Full

Dan “Almost Elite” Way, editor of the Canadian Race Guide and RaceGuide app and writer for Canadian Running magazine.
1) Hometown: Ingersoll, Ontario
2) Run Crew: Black Lungs TO
3) Running Superfood: Peanut butter and Twizzlers Super Nibs (but not together!)
4) Fastest 10K Time: 33:16 at TYS10K 2012
5) Running Battle Anthem: “I Love It” by Icona Pop
6) Most Impressive Running Accomplishment: Victory on leg 17 of the 2013 Cabot Trail Relay Race.
7) Finishing Move: “I yell, ‘Hey look, a bear!’ and then sprint to the finish.”
8) Message For His Opponents: “It’s a little early for a finisher’s kick, don’t you think?” (said to anyone who passes him before 9K)
Cheer for Dan on Twitter @DansWay07

Alex “Sparky” Flint, host of Distance Obsessed running podcast and blog.
1) Hometown: Keswick, Ontario.
2) Running Crew: Good Guys Tri
3) Running Superfood: Hot chili peppers
4) Fastest 10K Time: 38 minutes
5) Running Battle Anthem: “Firestarter” by Prodigy
6)  Most Impressive Running Accomplishment: 100km ultra road race
7)  Finishing Move: Throws rocks that are on fire
8) Message For His Opponents: “Try to keep up, because I am going to BURN. YOU. OUT.”
Cheer for Alex on Twitter @alexflint

Ben “Crazy Legs” Kaplan,  National Post’s Marathon Man, editor of and author of Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now.
1) Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
2) Running Crew:
3) Running Superfood: Spaghetti and salad the night before; banana, bagel, and peanut butter the morning of; anything I can get my hands on after the race is over.
4) Fastest 10K Time: “I know I’ve come under 40 minutes twice, but I don’t want to tell those other guys how fast I am; let them find out when they eat my dust.”
5) Running Battle Anthem: “Combat Baby” by Metric
6) Most Impressive Running Accomplishment: Writing Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now, a book about running in stores NOW
7) Finishing Move: “Increase both my stride length and arm motion, and pretend there’s only one beer (from Bellwoods Brewery!) at the finish line, and whoever get there first, gets the drink.”
8) Message For His Opponents: “I guess I would like to say I feel sorry for them. They seem like such nice people, handsome and kind, and yet they are setting themselves up for such grave disappointment. Oh well.”
Cheer for Ben on Twitter @NP_RunningBen

Mr. Noel Pain(e), writer for Canadian Running magazine.
1) Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia
2) Running Superfood: “I fuel up on slower runners. I also love cold chocolate milk.”
3) Fastest 10K Time: “35:00, but it’s been a long time since I have run that well.”
4) Running Battle Anthem: “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor
5) Most Impressive Running Accomplishment: A 100km trail ultramarathon in Northern Ireland, running solo across the Grand Canyon last year in the Rim2Rim2Rim
6) Finishing Move: “Make car noises as I pass my opponents and dig deep back into my track days and hope my middle-aged body still has some top gears.”
7) Message For His Opponents: “You boys better put down your pens and lace up your shoes – if you’re going to beat me, you are going to need sweat and grunting to do it.”
Cheer for Noel on Twitter @NoelPaine

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