Introducing our 2014 STWM Digital Champions!

On Sunday October 19th, 25,000 runners will come together in Toronto for the 25th Anniversary of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon! Today we are excited to announce our 2014 Digital Champions ambassador team. The STWM Digital Champions are a group of diverse, dedicated, and enthusiastic athletes, each with a unique story and running history to share.

This year we are introducing some new faces as well as bringing back the best of our Digital Champion alumni! Over the next 130 days, you can follow the journeys of these 50 runners on Twitter, Instagram, and this blog as they share their training challenges and triumphs on the road to the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Whether you’re a busy parent, a new runner, or a Boston hopeful, we know you will find a story that inspires you to lace up your shoes and log the kilometres on the road to the finish line.   As you embark on your own training journey, we hope you’ll join our online community and connect with our Digital Champions for motivation and support!

STWM Tune-Up Run Larger

Connect with the 2014 Digital Champions on Twitter using the hashtag #STWM:

Wally Azarcon
Twitter: @callousedrunner

Catherine Azoulay
Twitter: @marathoner514

Jean-Paul Bedard
Twitter: @RunJPRun

Tina Benigno
Twitter: @TinaBelinda

Alyssa Bird
Twitter: @alyfly8910

Amanda Bond
Twitter: @amandalea_b

Andrew Chak
Twitter: @AndrewChak

William Chaupiz
Twitter: @wchaupiz

Alyssa Cheung
Twitter: @the_real_alyssa

Michelle Clarke
Twitter: @runningchic

Karyn Cooper
Twitter: @coopkaryn

Karen Dancy
Twitter: @kdancey

Christa Davidson
Twitter: @christadavidson

Lisa Davidson
Twitter: @TorontoFitMom

Christopher Doyle
Twitter: @ChrisDoyle

Heather Gardner
Twitter: @RunSoulCycle

Emily Gray
Twitter: @EmilyMcGray

Patrick Girard
Twitter: @PatRuns

Prasheel Gopal
Twitter: @PralexGorier

Jean-Paul Hernandez

Hideki Kinoshita
Twitter: @kinosfault

Jessica Kuepfer
Twitter: @lacesandlattes

Josh Labove
Twitter: @jlabove

Steve Layton
Twitter: @stevewlayton

Jodi Lewchuk
Twitter: @jodilewchuk

Carol Levesque
Twitter: @carollevesque

Michael Lobsinger
Twitter: @mLob_creative

Laurie-Ann March
Twitter: @innerpossible

Linda Nguyen
Twitter: @lindamnguyen

Cory Pagett

Twitter: @CMDPcomm

Noel Paine
Twitter: @NoelPaine

Amber Renton
Twitter: @gingersontherun

Leanne Richardson
Twitter: @RLeanne

Bridget Roussy
Twitter: @bridgetwaits

Mark Sawh
Twitter: @Mark_Sawh

Sally Seabrook
Twitter: @sallyseabrook13

Janine Sedgwick
Twitter: @wanna_b_runner

Krysten Siba-Bishop
Twitter: @darwinianfail

Ravi Singh
Twitter: @ravimatsingh

Janice Smith
Twitter: @fitcheerldr

Petja Taivassalo
Twitter: @MrTDoesPE

Michael Thornton
Twitter: @MikeThorntonCA

Alan Tou
Twitter: @alatus

Jennifer Wilson
Twitter: @JenWilsonTO

Lara Winnemore
Twitter: @viva_lara

Stephanie Xamin
Twitter: @stephanieruns

Kenny Yumke
Twitter: @yumke 

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