Running? Why Would I Do That? By Michael Lobsinger

TORONTO June 29th 2014. Why does Digital Champion Michael Lobsinger run? To be more awesome, that’s why. His philosophy on life is why keep doing what you’re doing if you can be doing something better or doing more? That’s how he’s approached his running. He started with 5k obstacle runs and ran his first half-marathon at STWM last fall. This year Michael is excited to join the Digital Champions taking on the full marathon on October 19th! Connect with Michael on Twitter @mLob_Creative.

Running? Why Would I Do That? By Michael Lobsinger.

Here I am writing my first blog as a Digital Michael Lobsinger and Steve LaytonChampion for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. That feels like a large responsibility. I think it means I’m supposed to tell people my story and hopefully inspire them to run more and live healthier. Wow, big stuff.

So lets start with a story. Everyone likes stories!

Once upon a time there was a young kid. He was gifted with a good metabolism and basically didn’t need to worry too much about what he did or ate because he stayed in relatively decent shape no matter what. Yeah for genetics!

Then he turned 30. Boo!

Bad eating, laziness and a few other things started to catch up. Nothing too bad, a little overweight, aches and pains that shouldn’t have been, exhaustion when he wasn’t tired and difficulty bending over to tie shoe laces (that one felt the worst). In addition to that the emotional problems started to creep in and were getting out of control. Anxiety, depression, stress… all those fun things that creep up on you when you’re sitting around doing nothing with too much time to think.

So it was time to change.

The boy’s best friend (and fellow Digital Champion) Steve had already started running and he was happier. That was good, but running? Eww. No thanks! When people asked the boy why he didn’t run, or ride a bike or do anything active, he would reply: “Why would I do that? I have a drivers license. I have feet so I can work the gas, brake and clutch. I don’t want to do something boring and dumb like running.”

Then his friend Steve presented an interesting challenge. He said Hey Mike, you know how you’re a comic book nerd? How would you like to do an obstacle race that’s kind of like Superhero training?” SOLD!

Michael LobsingerSuddenly running seemed like a means to an ends. Although the boy still hated running he was competitive and wanted to do well at the race, so he started training.

A few years later and a with a few fun run/obstacle races under his belt, suddenly running wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Steve came to him again. “Hey Mike, this organization called CRS has asked me to be a Digital Champion for the Yonge Street 10k. You should do it with me.”

Digital Champion. That sounded cool. So he signed up for the 10k to support his friend. By now running was becoming a lot more fun. The boy felt better, was less emotionally disturbed and he was looking dead sexy!

When the 10k was done, the boy was hooked! He loved this stuff, and he loved the medals and the feeling of pride and accomplishment he got from the races. Again Steve said “Hey Mike, now I’m a Digital Champion for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, you know you want to do it with me?”

There was no hesitation this time. He signed up for his first half marathon and trained all summer. It was great. He felt great. He looked great. He loved it. By the time the half marathon came around he was already excited and wishing he’d trained for the full marathon!

That’s where the story brings us to today.

I’m training for my first ever marathon with the CRS team and I get to be a Digital Champion for it on the 25th anniversary of the run of all things!

This is going to be great! I love using my feet for something other than a stupid car.
I can’t wait for STWM to get here this year. I’m excited about training. I’m excited about the people I’ll get to meet along the way and I’m excited about this new accomplishment I’m going to achieve.

Thanks CRS for the opportunity. Thank you Steve for getting me going. And most importantly, thank you me, for being awesome and working for this! Man, I’m great!

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