Behold the #Runfie. By Andrew Chak

TORONTO August 10th 2014. When Andrew ran his first 10K two and half years ago, he felt like a hero. The city streets were closed just for his run. People cheered him on like he was an Olympian. He got a sparkly medal that he could keep wearing for days. And he had all-you-can-eat bagels at the finish. He was hooked. That first 10K lead to another 10K, and then a 15K, and then a half-marathon, and then all the way to six marathons. You could say that Andrew was a little obsessed. In fact, he won a blogging contest with and is now their “Obsessive Running” blogger.  With STWM, Andrew has run the 5K, half-marathon, and full-marathon races and he can’t wait to connect with others to talk all things running as a Digital Champion for this event. Connect with Andrew on Twitter @AndrewChak and on his blog.

Behold the #Runfie. By Andrew Chak.

You know who you are. You like to run. You like to selfie. You like to run and selfie and henceforth, you like to runfie.

Not only do the STWM Digital Champions love to run, they also love to runfie. Not surprisingly, they are photographic connoisseurs when it comes to sharing their runner’s high, latest running fashion statement, or some other form of badassery. So go ahead, get inspired by the imagery below and go forth and hashtag your very own #runfie.

Amber Runfie

The Sparkling #Runfie

Amber knows that the hour around sunrise or sunset makes for a beautiful glow. Amber also knows that her sparkling smile makes the sun pale by comparison.





The Souvenir #RunfieCory Runfie

When out and about, what better way to remember where your travels took you than to take a runfie in front of a local sign? Cory elegantly matches his shirt and headband to complement the tones of the signage behind him.






Amanda RunfieThe Show-Your-Terrain #Runfie

Mandy knows trail. And you know Mandy knows trail because she shows you the terrain she is running on. And she cleverly reminds us to stay hydrated at the same time. Thanks Mandy.






The Smile-And-Run-It #Runfie Karyn Runfie

Karyn shows her love of the run by always smiling through it. Was it hot and humid? Did she just fartlek? It doesn’t matter because Karyn’s smile is all we need to know.






Lisa RunfieThe Hold-It-In #Runfie 

We’re thankful when Lisa shares with us how hard it is to nail a speed workout. We’re also thankful she holds it in just enough to take a runfie.






The Running-For-Dear-Life #Runfie Andrew Runfie

Sometimes a run is motivated by pure survival. Was Andrew running away from bears? Zombies? No, it’s much worse! Mosquitoes.






Kenny Runfie

The On-The-Run #Runfie

Kenny shows us how to runfie during the New York and Boston Marathons. Kenny stays safe by only doing runfies during fun runs. And yes, Kenny sometimes runs marathons “just” for fun.






The Twice-As-Fun #Runfie  Petja Runfie

A run is double the fun when you share it with another. If Petja’s reptilian tongue scores him a duck-faced kiss from his lovely wife Andrea, who are we not to try the same?






The Epic Cow #Runfie Bridget Runfie

Cows are just cows. But when they’re part of a runfie, cows become epic. Bridget either ran really far or just next door to catch this cow on her run.






The I’m-Coming-Back #Runfie Karen Runfie

After at 5-week layoff due to injury, Karen is run-walking her way back to recovery and shows us that every bit of progress is a victory.






Leanne RunfieThe Classic Group #Runfie

Leanne and her friends show us a classic group runfie shot. Everyone is looking at the camera, no heads are chopped off, and the person with the longest arms is the designated photographer.





The All-Inclusive #Runfie Linda Runfie

Linda brings it all together with an all-inclusive composite runfie. Who did she run with? What was her time? What was her route? How far did she go? Linda knows we all need to know, so now we do.





Now’s it your turn to take your own #runfie and post it to Instagram or Twitter and join in the fun!

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