How To Win A Marathon. By Steve Layton

TORONTO August 21st 2014. Digital Champion Steve Layton used to eat too much, eat the wrong things, and work long hours until his unhealthy lifestyle caught up with him. Obese and tired of it, Steve changed jobs, sleep habits and his diet for the better. Four years later Steve is fitter, healthier and happier and a proud member of the running community! Steve is thrilled to be running his 4th marathon at STWM and is honoured to do it again as a Digital Champion, enabling him to encourage others to test their boundaries and try running a marathon or other outdoor activities as way to get active and improve their life. Connect with Steve on Twitter @SteveWLayton and on his blog.

How To Win A Marathon. By Steve Layton.

Based on this blog’s title alone you might be Steve Finish line STWMthinking that this post will be a detailed report of how elite runners make there way on to a podium after 42.2 KM.

Nope, I’m writing this to explain how you, yes YOU, CAN WIN A MARATHON.

You win a marathon from the second you sign up for one by setting a challenge that is so big for yourself that it brings to the top the determination, self confidence and perseverance you know you have deep inside, but may not have a way to express.

You win a marathon when you realize that the challenge itself is a tangible manifestation of an obstacle you want to overcome. It can be representative of, and way to heal a deeper physical, mental or other personal obstacle you cope with everyday.

You win a marathon when you realize that running one is not just about your completing the distance, but taking the first step to start it.  This monumental single step grows your confidence with each step that follows as you run in to the unknown pushing your mental and physical abilities beyond what you thought was ever possible and beyond.

You win a marathon when unbeknown to you, your training, dedication and achievements leading up to, during and after the race inspires those around you to make positive and healthy changes in their lives as they watch you change for the better in ways that you often do not even realize yourself.

You win a marathon from the moment you announce you’re going to tackle one, to the moment you put on your finishers medal.  This is regardless of your pace / time or who finished before or after you.  None of these things matter in winning a marathon as the only person you are racing is your present self, your physical being, your fears, your uncertainties and you overcome them all the second you cross the finish line.

You win the marathon because you chose to challenge yourself when you did not have to.

You win the marathon because you chose to set an obstacle that seems to many impossible and found a way that worked for you to overcome it.

You win the marathon because once you have the experience, skills and determination that enable you to win a marathon, you realize, you have the inner strength to overcome anything.

See you all in the winners circle after #STWM.

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    This is the most motivating and inspiring article I have ever read! Love it!!

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