Virtual Race Ambassadors

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Heather Gardner

2020 STWM Distance: Marathon

More About Heather: A leader in the Toronto fitness community, Heather is a marathon runner, indoor cycling coach, yoga teacher, triathlete, and all-round lover of everything active. Heather is the owner of Kardia Athletic which is home to one of Toronto’s inaugural run crews. She believes fitness and physical activity are a platform to inspire greatness in each other and that it can be used to elevate communities to greatness as well. Heather also sits on the board for the Canada Running Series Foundation and does so much for our community.

Mei Ling

2020 STWM Distance: The Whole Shebang

Why Mei runs: “When I first started running it was mainly for race medals and PBs (though race medals and PBs are still nice!). Now I run to feel connected, both with my community and as a way to socialize with friends, but also on my own to connect with the city or trails. Running gives me a chance to slow down and appreciate my surroundings or push myself to see what I’m capable of, all while doing something that I truly enjoy.”

Dione Mason

2020 STWM Distance: Half Marathon

More About Dione: Award Winning Fitness & Lifestyle Coach; Event Producer; Founder/President of The Simunye Foundation; and Founder/Race Director of the Toronto Carnival Run, who has proven her dedication, drive and commitment to excellence in the Health and Fitness Industry. Since her fitness career began in 1999, Dione has not only demonstrated her outstanding teaching technique, contagious fiery energy in her classes and ability to get clients results, but has raised the bar in developing creative ways to enhance the fitness experience in the Greater Toronto Area and abroad.

Andy Saito

2020 STWM Distance: Marathon

Why Andy runs:because of the amazing diverse community of runners that we have the opportunity to run with, chat with, and share a post-run beer with. Running keeps me balanced, mentally and physically, and the marathon is a way for me to set a big goal and break it down into manageable, but still challenging parts.”

Petja Taivassalo

2020 STWM Distance: Marathon

Why Petja loves to run: “What started off as a way for my wife and I to spend time together, inspired by my insanely talented marathon running father, and wanting to be a good role model for my kids and students, running has taken me to incredible places to meet amazing running communities, creating more memories than strides along a marathon course. For this Forty-something High School Phys. Ed. teacher and father of 2, truly nothing beats getting lost in a run (not on a run!!!). That feeling of your feet hitting the pavement in a rhythm that lets your mind drift…that’s where my love for running sends me.”