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5K Information

Start time: 8:00am
Start location: Lakeshore Blvd., west of Ontario Dr.
Pre-race Area: Ontario Place parking lot 1

  • Help Desk
  • Warm-up Area
  • Charity Meeting Area
  • Toilets

2016 Courses: click map to enlarge.

2016 Course improvements subject to final City approval

Course map - click for detail view

5k elevation chart:

Course elevation: 5k

  • START on Lakeshore Blvd., west of Ontario Dr.
  • East on Lake Shore Blvd
  • North on Bay St to the Finish Line just north of Queen St


Course Limitations

For the safety of all participants, baby carriers, skateboards, roller blades, Kangoo Jump shoes, animals and unauthorized bicycles & wheeled devices are not permitted in the race.

Baby Strollers

We will allow participants to push a child in a SINGLE stroller in the 5k event only; there will be a $10 fee for this entry. The $10 fee will cover the child's registration, as all individuals on course must be registered. You will also be provided with an additional bib that must be worn on the back of the individual who is pushing the stroller. This additional bib is for everyone's safety and will read "STROLLER" to indicate to those around you that you are pushing a stroller. This is a recreational category and you will be assigned to the purple corral and asked to start at the back.


  • Everyone participating in this event MUST be registered — including children.
  • We highly recommend that children under the age of 12 (participating in the 5k event) are accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. This is for the safely of the child, due to the fact that the 5k event has approximately 8000 participants.

Nordic Poles

We will allow Nordic Poles in all events — please check the box on the registration form indicating you will be using Nordic Poles and ensure you have NOT registered for the "walk" event.

Athletes with a Disability

If you require the use of a wheelchair, click here for more information.

For more information, please contact Heather Matters at or 416-944-2765 ext 509.

If you are visually impaired and would like to be matched with a guide runner, please contact Achilles Canada at www.achillescanada.ca.

Time Limit: 1 hour, 20 minutes

After the course closes, support will be limited, and participants assume the role of pedestrians.



GO Train — Lakeshore West Train

GO train

If you would like to get to Exhibition Place in only 7 minutes and without the stress of thousands of people waiting in line to get on a 5k Shuttle Bus, the GO train leaves Union Station to Exhibition Grounds at 6:43am (shuttle buses will take much longer due to the road closures that day!).

Please note: you CANNOT take the 7:43am Go Train to Exhibition Place — you will be late for the 5k start and will miss your race!

If you would like to get back to Exhibition Place after the race, there are GO trains leaving Union Station to the Exhibition Grounds that only take 7 minutes: 8:43am, 9:43am, 10:13am, 10:43am.

Go Train Fare Calculator: Adult One-way fare is $5.30


Parking is available at Exhibition Place in parking lot 3 & underground for a rate of $14. Please note that you will be responsible for finding your own way back to your vehicle — there will not be a shuttle service available after the race. See Go Train information above.

Driving Directions

Lake Shore Blvd will be closed from Windermere Ave to Parliament St from 5:00am–12:30pm on race day. Please use the following driving directions to access Exhibition Place.

Access Eastbound on Gardiner Expressway

  • Exit at Lake Shore Blvd
  • North on Windermere Ave
  • East on Queensway and continue onto King St
  • South on Strachan Ave
  • West onto Manitoba and continue on Canada Blvd

Access Westbound on Gardiner Expressway

  • Exit at Dunn Ave and continue north
  • East on King St
  • South on Strachan Ave
  • West onto Manitoba and continue on Canada Blvd

Access from downtown core — west of Bay

  • South on Bathurst St — please note Bathurst will be closed from 8am–10:45am between Bloor St & Lake Shore Blvd
  • West on Fort York Blvd
  • West on Fleet St
  • Cross Strachan intersection and continue onto Manitoba Dr

Access from east of Bay 6am–10am

  • Travel south on Jarvis — Front St will be closed at 8:00am–3:00pm so there may be delays while police allow traffic through
  • Take the westbound Gardiner Expressway
  • Exit at Dunn Ave and continue north
  • East on King St
  • South on Strachan Ave
  • West onto Manitoba and continue on Canada Blvd

Shuttle Buses — Before the Start of the 5k Race

FREE shuttle buses for 5k race PARTICIPANTS ONLY will leave from University & Dundas, taking participants to the start line at Ontario Place.

The buses will be located on University between College and Dundas.

  • First 5K Shuttle to Ontario Place will begin running at: 6:00am
  • Last 5K Shuttle to Ontario Place will leave at: 7:00am


Shuttle Buses — After you Finish your 5k Race

Due to the road closures in place for the Marathon & Half Marathon races, we are not able to shuttle participants back to Exhibition Place after they have completed their 5k race.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE use Shuttle Buses or Go Transit to get to the start of the 5k race and then they can leave directly from Nathan Phillips Square after they have completed their 5k race.

If you decide to drive directly to Exhibition Place for the start of the 5k race, you will be responsible for finding your own way back to Exhibition Place from Nathan Phillips Square. You can take the Lakeshore West Go Train leaving Union Station every 30 minutes to Exhibition.


5K Baggage will ONLY be available at Nathan Phillips Square (5K finish area). If you plan on checking a bag you will need to drop it off at the 5K Baggage tents located in Nathan Phillips Square. Please see 5K Baggage Check for more info.

Due to the road closures in place for the Marathon & Half Marathon races, we are not able to provide Baggage Check at the 5k Start Area at Ontario Place.


sample personalized bib number

Start Corrals

All participants will be organized into coloured corrals at the start line. Corral assignment will be based on the predicted finishing time you submitted when registering. On race day, look for the coloured flag that corresponds to the stripe on your bib.

Your predicted finishing time is very important to ensure you start the event with participants of a similar ability. Please see below for guidelines to assist in determining your predicted finishing time.

  • 2015 5K male winner — 15:58
  • 2015 5K female winner — 17:49
  • 2015 5K average — 38:49

Competitive Age Category Runners — Age Category Prizing is awarded based on Chip Time.

You have until September 29 to make any changes to your corral time. After this date, no changes will be made.

Corral Times (times are subject to change)

  • Red < 30 mins
  • Yellow 31-44 mins
  • Blue 45 mins
  • Green 46-60 mins
  • Purple 61+ mins

Start Times

In order to ensure that all participants have a safe and enjoyable race, we will be starting the races in waves. Please be in your start corral 10 minutes before the start of the race or you will have to start at the back of the corrals. The corral entrances will close so we can move participants through the start corral in preparation for their wave start time.

Start Times — 5K

  • Red 8:00am
  • Yellow 8:05am
  • Blue 8:10am
  • Green 8:15am
  • Purple 8:20am


5K Baggage Check

All 5k bags MUST be checked at the 5k Finish Area. NO bags can be checked at the 5k Start.

Location of 5K Baggage Check on race day:

  • 5K Baggage will be located in Nathan Phillips Square. To check your bag, simply look for the section that corresponds to your bib # and line-up there.
  • Then you can walk to Queen Street just west of University Ave and take the 5K Shuttle Buses (see shuttle bus section for more information) to the start of the race (they will be running from 6am–7am so make sure to check your bag in early!).
  • After you finish the race, your bag will be ready for pick-up at the same location.

5K Baggage Schedule:

  • Baggage Drop-off: 5:45am–6:45am
  • Baggage Pick-up: 8:30am–10:30am

Baggage Check rules:

  1. Drawstring kit bag

    You MUST use your clear drawstring kit bag (image at right) for your Baggage! ABSOLUTELY NO other bags will be accepted.*

    *The kit bag will be included in your race kit and is sized appropriately so that all bags checked on race day will fit in the baggage check areas, ensuring efficiency at both check-in and pick-up!

  2. You will receive a sticker in your bib envelope that corresponds to your bib number. You must attach this sticker to your bag in the box marked "PLEASE AFFIX BAGGAGE STICKER HERE" (image below):

    sticker for baggage check

  3. leave your valuables at home! We strongly recommend that you leave your valuables at home! The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is not responsible for lost or stolen property, including any and all property checked at the Baggage Check-in.

Click here for more information on how to donate your new or slightly used shoes


5k Warm-Up

Jock Yoga

We are excited to announce that Michael DeCorte and his Jock Yoga team will be leading the 5k runners in a cardio warm-up this year that will get everyone ready to run a personal best!

Timing: 7:25–7:35am


Family & Friends Meeting Zone

  • 5k Pre-race — Look for the alpha signage in the pre-race area
  • After the race (Nathan Phillips Square) — Reunite with your family and friends after the race in the Family & Friends Meeting Zone