The ABLE Network Corporation

The ABLE Network Corporation

“The ABLE Network has become a leader in removing barriers and shifting attitudes in our community. They are paving the way for individuals with intellectual disabilities to be respected, and providing them with opportunities.” The Town of Aurora

“He has increased stamina, increased independence with transit and work skills, more solid friendships and increased computer and cooking skills. What can I say it is a win-win situation.” Parent Quote


The ABLE Network is a fee for service, registered charity located in Aurora, Ontario. We are a community based program that provides relevant inclusive work and recreation opportunities for young adults with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in natural job and community settings. Our participants are supported in our five core programs of work experience, transit training, recreation, literacy and volunteer activities. The ABLE Network is based on strong principles and research that states that inclusion of persons with an ID in natural settings provides them with an equal opportunity to make a contribution to the health and well-being of their community.

The ABLE Network had a very successful experience at the 2012 STWM. Not only did we raise much needed funds and awareness of our program, we also raised the spirits and fitness levels of all who participated on our team. It was a great day and we really look forward to participating again on October 20, 2013. Please support this dynamic and innovative program!

Our team of young adults are enthusiastically working out at the gym to make sure that they are Ready and ABLE to tackle the 5 KM walk/run. You can assist us by:

To join Team ABLE contact Barb at or 905-841-7627

For more information about ABLE go to


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