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Blissymbolics Communication Institute - Canada

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This year again, on Oct 16, the Blissymbolics Communication Institute – Canada (BCIC) is participating in the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon as a major community building and fund raising activity. For over forty years, BCIC has sponsored the use of the language of Blissymbolics and other communication tools to provide effective communication options for those who are unable to speak.

A typical recipient of BCIC's service is someone who has a debilitating physical disability such as cerebral palsy. Though the work has been spearheaded in Canada, the use of Blissymbolics has spread throughout the world and is now in over 32 countries. Last year we established an online communication program to teach Blissymbolics, communication, and the transition to literacy for anyone who can access a computer and the internet.

This year we are launching an on-line, consumer oriented, consumer produced magazine. We are also constructing a web-based internet community to support a variety of communication oriented projects. In general, these projects are designed to encourage social interaction among those who use alternative communications methods. Social interaction tools are quickly becoming a preferred mode of communication among young people today. We believe that those with physical and other limitations should have an equal right to access these revolutionary, communications opportunities.

We would love your support. Please participate in the Marathon on our behalf. All that is required is to sign on at the above website as a Participant, recruit Sponsors to support you, then walk the flat easy and very pleasant 5KM route from Exhibition Place to City Hall with all the others who will be supporting BCIC. You may, of course, want to do one of the longer routes — the half or the full Marathon. Sign on for those if you like. If you don't want to walk, you can still contribute to the cause by Sponsoring someone who is walking or wheeling. It is particularly satisfying that many of our Participants who are the recipients of our services, are planning on doing the 5k in their wheelchairs. This led us to choose the name for our Marathon group — the Blissymbolics Waterfront Wheelers. They are wheeling the five KM in support of themselves.

We plan to have prizes for Participants for a number of things such as the first ten people to register as a Participant, the highest single donation, or the Participant or Participant's supporter who comes dressed in the silliest costume.

To find out more about the BCIC and the Marathon including videos from last year's exciting event, please go to the Marathon website at Look at the videos and see what it is all about. Once you are online, you may also register as a Participant and/or contribute to BCIC as a Sponsor using your VISA or MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS. Just follow the links to “registered charities" on the website to find Blissymbolics. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to make your contribution by regular mail, please EMAIL or write to ask for a Participant/Sponsorship form. Fill out the form, make your cheque payable to BCIC, then mail it to:

Blissymbolics Communication Institute — Canada
300-1370 Don Mill Rd., Toronto, ON, M3B 3N7

Thank you so much for considering supporting us. If you wish further information in order to clarify anything to help you decide, please contact the Team Captain, Peter Lindsay, at:


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