Breast Cancer Society of Canada


Breast Cancer Society of Canada


Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women. Last year, an estimated 23,800 Canadian women were diagnosed with breast cancer and 5,000 died from it. Many factors can improve a woman's risk of getting breast cancer, including sex, age and history. Breast cancer research, early detection and breast screening, have greatly increased the survival rate for this disease.



21 years ago Pamela Greenaway-Kohlmeier lost her battle with breast cancer. She was a daughter, a wife and a mother of two young children. Pamela's family and friends founded the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. From this beginning we have evolved into one of Canada's leading breast cancer research funding organizations.

Inspired by this families' search for a cure, the Breast Cancer Society of Canada's mission is to support patient focused research for diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Every dollar Canadians donate to research will make a difference. With dedication and donations, we will find a cure.

Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Breast Cancer Society of Canada Breast Cancer… when you hear these words who do you think of? Chances are someone you know has been touched by breast cancer. Maybe it's a relative, a co-worker, a friend.

Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Your participation and dedication to join our team at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon will make a difference. Whether you walk for someone you know or someone you don't…. every step helps!



You • Your Family • Your Friends • Your Neighbours • Your Co-Workers


Register to Walk, Run or Wheelchair the 5km, Half Marathon or Full Marathon and support the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. Sign up with ARTEZ online fundraising system and create your own fundraising page or download a pledge sheet. Set a personal goal and collect pledges from your family, friends, neighbours and co-workers. Persuade others to join the team. Start fundraising today!


Start Collecting Pledges Now — Participate Sunday, October 20th, 2013


Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon — Toronto, Ontario


Too many have been touched by breast cancer. Too many have lost sisters.and daughters.and mothers. Together we can make a difference. One day with your help, we hope that we will be able to celebrate a cure for this dreaded disease!

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Breast Cancer Society of Canada
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