Buddhist Education Foundation for Canada

Buddhist Education Foundation for Canada

Who we are:

The Buddhist Education Foundation for Canada (BEFC) was established in 2001 to support and promote Buddhist education in Canadian universities.

What we have done:

For the past eleven years, we have raised funds and supported Buddhist studies at the University of Toronto: lectures, conferences, credit courses; and we now sponsor seven courses in the Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health degree program. The funds you raise in the ScotiaBank Marathon/Walkathon will go to sustain and grow this program. www.newcollege.utoronto.ca/academics/new-college-academic-programs/buddhism-psychology-and-mental-health/

Why Buddhism and Mental Health:

As our society has led us to unprecedented progress in materialism, people increasingly find themselves suffering from stress, anxiety and mental illnesses with depression being widespread. Buddhism, for over 2500 years, offers a psychological approach to self help that has the potential to drastically improve the mental wellness of people in today's society. The myriad of methods as skilful means taught in all the Buddhist traditions addresses the countless obstacles to each person's inner peace and well being. Only when one knows how to bring inner peace and happiness to one's life would one be able to bring peace and harmony to our community and society.

Why the Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health Program:

While mindfulness, an essential practice of the Buddhist path, has become popularized in the modern health-care field by various therapies such as the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) used in treating numerous physical and mental health problems, health professionals have yet to reach deeply into the Buddhist treasure chest. The Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health Program taught at the undergraduate level investigates the depth of the Buddhist teachings from the lenses of western psychology, cognitive science and health. It also serves as an inter-disciplinary forum for students, scientists, researchers, and health professionals to exchange with and learn from one another. This program will help contribute to western medicine, especially in understanding and treating mental heath problems.


Growth and endowment of $1.5 million for the Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health Program at the University of Toronto:

Since the Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health program was establishment in 2007, it has experienced rapid grown in both student enrolment and content. In 2007/08 the program consisted of three courses and 52 course registrations. In 2012/13, there are 11 courses with over 200 students enrolled in the program, and over 400 course registrations and over 100 on waiting lists. Your generous support will help meet the growing student interest in this popular program. It will also allow for an increase in co-curricular opportunities for students and the broader community to engage in conferences, speakers and visiting professors.

Join the BEFC running/walking team; sponsor one of our runners/walkers or the BEFC team

Join our team by contacting Chris Ng or Alice Lee at BuddhistEduFoundation@rogers.com or 416-910-4858. Our fundraising goal for the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Marathon is $50,000 to $70,000. Any runner/walker who raises over $500 will receive a reimbursement of his/her entry fee. The 3 runners/walkers who raise the highest amounts will receive prizes from BEFC. All participants will receive a BEFC T-shirt. Let us work together to reach our goal!

Help BEFC build and name an “International Buddhist Flag”

Raise or donate $3000 to name (in any language of your choice) a standard-size patch or $30,000 to name a large-size patch of the five-colour Buddhist Flag. The flag will be framed and given to the interdisciplinary program for Buddhism at the University of Toronto for permanent display to recognize our endowment. The five colours represent: Blue — Universal Compassion; Yellow — the Middle Path; Red — Blessings; White — Purity and Liberation; Orange — Wisdom; All colours combined — Truth.

Visit us at www.BuddhistEduFoundation.com for more information. Email or call Chris Ng at BuddhistEduFoundation@rogers.com / 416-910-4858 if you have any questions.


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