Canadian Centre for Diversity

Canadian Centre for Diversity

Canadian Centre for Diversity

About the Canadian Centre for Diversity

The Canadian Centre for Diversity is an educational charity that informs and educates young Canadians about the value of diversity, difference and inclusion. Our signature program, Peer Leaders Network addresses an unmet need of young Canadians by building safer, more accepting and inclusive school environments. The year-long Peer Leaders Network program delivers a preventative education solution that eliminates bias and discrimination by offering students leadership skills so they can drive social change. The student network gains strength from a solid curriculum that comprises workshops, online learning, regional leadership forums and school-wide activities.

Consider some of the facts:

What kind of initiatives can my fundraising dollars help deliver?

Join the See DifferƏnt Team and help us reach our goal of $25,000!

Monies raised will help support the Peer Leaders Network program in 36 high schools in Ontario, ensuring 30,000 young Canadians see beyond stereotypes and approach difference with respect and understanding!

Ready, Set…Participate or Donate

It's easy to support the Canadian Centre for Diversity at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Run, wheel or walk with us on October 20, 2013, pledge your support for one of our participants or make a donation directly to the Canadian Centre for Diversity.

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For more information on registration and participation please contact Mary at or call 416.597.9693 ext. 33.


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