Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf — Deaf Culture Centre

Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf — Deaf Culture Centre

Join us on October 20, 2013 for the Scotiabank Charity Challenge, run a 5km, half or full marathon in support of The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf — DEAF CULTURE CENTRE!! The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE is a symbol of the Deaf community celebrating Deaf life. It is a public forum both historical and forward-looking.

Why go the distance with the Centre?

Run or walk with the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE and help with expanding the W3 Gold award winning online ASL dictionary to 1500 signs!

One of our current projects is developing an incredible online ASL dictionary for Deaf children across North America. We need your pledge to help increase the animated dictionary to over 1500 signs. The dictionary allows children to look up words in their first language and provides them with a definition and a translation. Deaf children are better able to develop self-confidence by discovering the meaning of unfamiliar signs without having to ask for help.

The dictionary is also helpful for hearing parents of Deaf children. Most people do not realize that 90 per cent of Deaf Children are born into hearing families. You would be helping Deaf children have incredible access to their first language. Click here to see the work in progress on this amazing Animated ASL Dictionary:

Help us reach our goal of $15,000!

Join the Deaf Culture Centre team today!

Our support to you:

We would be honoured if you could take part in helping us raise money for this much needed resource.

To learn more about the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE visit and for the signing dictionary visit


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