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Child Development Institute

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About Child Development Institute

Child Development Institute is Toronto's community leader in services focused on early learning, child behaviour problems and family violence. With over 100 years of service, CDI focuses on at-risk children and their families. Our innovative and evidence based programs such as SNAP, for children with behavioural problems at home, school or in the community; Start Right, help children in kindergarten adjust to the new demands of being in a classroom; Camp Wimodausis, specialized day camp for kids with behavioural and social issues; as well as a program for children living in shelters brings hope to thousands of families in Toronto every year.

Did you know?

One in five children struggles with a mental health issue. These kids have more difficulty in the classroom, making friends and maintaining strong family relationships. Left untreated, they are at greater risk of dropping out of school, substance abuse and teen violence. And only one in four will get the help they need to turn things around.

Run or Walk with Child Development Institute and help bring hope to at-risk kids like Justin

School was not a positive place for Justin. Every day he faced bullying by his fellow classmates. He refused to do work, was destructive with school property and verbally aggressive to other students. At home, he was also becoming more and more defiant. His grandmother, who is his main caregiver, didn't know what to do. Then she heard about a 13 week anger management program at CDI, proven to work for boys like Justin. Soon, Justin was enrolled in our SNAP® Under 12 Outreach Project (ORP).

Throughout the 13 weeks Justin learned how to use SNAP® (Stop Now and Plan), an evidence-based problem-solving strategy that helps kids learn to control their anger and make better choices. SNAP® also helped Justin deal with some of his existing challenges — like bullying and problems adapting to new situations.

Within weeks an amazing transformation had taken place — Justin was no longer defiant at home and had made significant progress at school. At CDI, Justin was not only attending his group sessions but was also attending CDI's Monday Night Club and Homework Club. Today, Justin is flourishing in school and at home. Through using SNAP® he's been able to reach his goals and is much happier at home and at school.

By running, walking or sponsoring the CDI Team, we can help more kids like Justin. Join us today. If you are unable to join us on October 14, please show your support by sponsoring an individual runner or Team CDI.

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