Canadian Immunodeficiency Society (CI Society)

Canadian Immunodeficiency Society

The Canadian Immunodeficiency Society (CI Society) provides patient support, education and research for a cure for Primary Immunodeficiency (PI).

Individuals with Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) often have what seem to be "ordinary" infections. As a result, physicians sometimes treat the infections not realizing that there is an underlying cause. This allows the illnesses to recur, and can leave the individual vulnerable to vital organ damage, physical disability, serious illness, and death. Each year over 1,000 children are referred to one of the five children's hospitals in Canada to be tested for PI, but 50% of cases still go undiagnosed costing the health care system and resulting in unnecessary suffering and premature death.

The World Health Organization recognizes more than 150 forms of Primary Immunodeficiency. It is genetically based and can affect anyone from any culture at any time. Newborns with the most severe form often go undiagnosed until it is too late for treatment. The CI Society is working to change that because, if diagnosed in time, there are treatments that can give children and adults a fighting chance.

The Canadian Immunodeficiency Society (CI Society) was established in 1999. The CI Society is a leading national organization working with care centres across Canada. The CI Society upholds Imagine Canada's Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code. The CI Society is a registered charity # 87276 0897 RR0001. For more information on programs and services please visit


Join our team and help us help people living with PI. Registrants collecting pledges for the CI Society will receive a free race entry and a special prize pack (a T-shirt, a water bottle and more…)


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