The Canadian Testicular Cancer Association

The Canadian Testicular Cancer Association

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For over 5 years, The Canadian Testicular Cancer Association has been the leaders in educating our communities across Canada about the signs, symptoms and sometimes death associated with testicular cancer in men. We are devoted to funding and promoting awareness programs. We thrive on helping survivors and their families through our support programs, suited to their needs on an individual level.

TCTCA's vision is to foster a culture of personal body awareness among the young men in our society so that they will avoid the undue pain, suffering and harsh treatments associated with testicular cancer. With the help of donors, we can continue our mission and help put an end to the suffering of the young men throughout Canada!

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Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer among young men (aged 15 to 29), accounts for 14% of all male cancers in this age group. While incidence of most cancer for males in this age group is decreasing or plateauing, incidence of tc is on the rise in Canada.

On Average, 1 in 273 males will develop testicular cancer sometime in their lifetime, which amounts to approximately 2 to 3 males in every average high school. Of additional concern is that we have seen nearly a 60% rise in the incidence of testicular cancer over the last 30 years in Ontario, with the most notable increase among teens and young adult men. In any situation, cancer is a challenging diagnosis. When focused on our younger population however, the impact of cancer is amplified.

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Many men are not aware that testicular cancer is the most common cancer among males between the ages of 15-29. When detected and treated early, testicular cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer.

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