Cuso International

Cuso International

You can help send more volunteers overseas to work in partnership to alleviate poverty. Volunteers give their time but volunteering isn't free.

Walk, run, or stroll with us as we raise funds and awareness for Cuso International's global volunteer movement through our Run for the World event series.

Since 1961, over 16,000 people have become Volunteers for the World — help continue this vital work by joining our Run for the World Team.

By joining the team you play a role in helping more girls receive an education; you help more youth and women access secure livelihoods; you help unheard voices to be heard; and you help many more men, women, and children to have access to basic health care.

Cuso International

Every $1 raised has the power of $10! Thanks to our agreement with the Canadian International Development Agency, $10 becomes $100, $25 becomes $250, $100 becomes $1,000, and so on!

Team members who reach their goal of raising $500 will receive some amazing prizes! Last year we gave away Porter Airline Tickets! All team members will receive a swag bag just for participating.

Who is Cuso International?

Cuso International has over 250 volunteers overseas who are sharing skills and changing lives right now. Our volunteers work alongside local organizations in over 30 developing countries to help overcome poverty and inequality and improve the quality of life for men, women and children.

Our volunteers give children a future through education. They improve standards of care in hospitals. They train people living in poverty in the skills they need to earn a living. Our volunteers do whatever is needed to help break down the barriers that trap people living in poverty.

Cuso International

This is Cuso International.

Our volunteers live at the heart of the community they serve with a living stipend and comparable accommodation to their local co-workers.

For more information about how to support Cuso International initiatives in Toronto, contact Maygan at 647-478-4089 or email:


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