Epilepsy Halton Peel Hamilton

Epilepsy Halton Peel Hamilton

COME TAKE A RUN AT EPILEPSY… Show your support for the programs, services and social awareness that we are doing at Epilepsy Halton Peel Hamilton so that we can stand together, walk together and run together to raise our voices in awareness and improve the quality of life for those living with and impacted by epilepsy.


Raise a minimum of $250 and EHPH will pay your entry fee; additionally students earn up to 20 volunteer hours. We set up your fundraising page; we take care of your registration; we guide you along the way. All participants will also receive a TEAM EHPH T-Shirt to show your solidarity in supporting Epilepsy. To obtain details on registration, and fundraising initiatives to help you raise awareness for epilepsy please contact David Charchalis at 905-450-1900 ext 203 or via email at STWM@ehph.org.


DID YOU KNOW THAT… In Canada, 1 in 100 live with epilepsy, 38 Canadians learn they have epilepsy every day and 1 in 14 seniors over the age of 65 have been diagnosed and live with epilepsy.

ARE YOU AWARE THAT… In Ontario alone, 65,000 people are living with epilepsy and 6,500 individuals are newly diagnosed every year?

WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT… Epilepsy is the 2nd most common neurological disorder after headaches. Epilepsy amongst seniors is the 3rd most common neurological disorder after dementia and stroke.

CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT… The impact of epilepsy goes beyond the person? It affects everyone in that person's life including families, friends, educators and employers.

EPILEPSY HALTON PEEL HAMILTON… To learn more about what we do and our goal to bring awareness and support to the epilepsy community from Mississauga to Brantford and from Orangeville to the shores of Lake Ontario — visit www.ehph.org.


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