Fit Active Beautiful Foundation

Fit Active Beautiful Foundation

We are FAB.

The idea of Fit Active Beautiful was fueled by a strong desire to help young girls become strong women. From my own struggles as a teen, I understand the importance of supporting and empowering young girls. As a competitive runner and triathlete, and having built a successful career, I've experienced firsthand the growth of confidence — and success — that come with challenging yourself to set goals and pursue them. Looking for an innovative way to inspire youth girls to dream big and live big, we started on a journey to combine the power of sport with goal-setting skills, and developed what is now known as the 'FAB Girls 5 KM Challenge'.

— FAB Founder and Board Chair, Sharon Gallant

Testing the waters to reach youth girls in lower income communities

In early 2009 we implemented a 12 week pilot project at 350 Quigley Street in Hamilton. The experience was incredible and removed any doubt that there was both the need, and the support, for our program. In August of 2009, we formed a Board of Directors and became incorporated as Fit Active Beautiful Foundation. Powered by an incredibly dedicated team of volunteers, we're excited to be rolling out our FAB Girls 5 KM Challenge throughout the Hamilton area, and have a future goal of expanding across Ontario.

2012 and Beyond

The exciting news: today we have expanded our program to include six Hamilton communities. Yet with 4,000 youth girls identified as "at risk" in our community, we have barely scratched the surface of the real need and opportunity!

Through the generous support of the Scotiabank Challenge, there are many ways you can see your dollars hard at work.

  1. Our program is free to girls in need. Your money goes directly to the programs (registration, running shoes, transportation) so the FAB girls feel 100% of your support.
  2. 12 weeks is not enough! The girls and the community want more FAB and we want to be able to offer more throughout the year.
  3. As girls graduate our program (Grades 6,7,8) we are starting to see that Girls entering Grade 9, a pivotal year in their lives, want to come back. Hence another viable need to expand our programs to keep them engaged.
  4. While Hamilton and area will always be our core, our reputation is growing and with this, more communities throughout the province want to be FAB. This has always been part of our long-term strategy and your support will take us one step closer.

FAB is a labour of love fueled by the passion and conviction of many dedicated volunteers and coaches. We have a formula for success that is working and with your support through the Scotiabank Challenge, we can reach out and touch many more deserving lives.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to have the pleasure of adding you to our growing list of FAB Friends.


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