Grandview Children's Foundation

Grandview Children's Foundation

“...with you on their side a whole world opens up”

Join team Grandview the “Smash'n Pumpkins” and run, walk or wheelchair for our Grandview Kids and help make a difference in a child's life!

“Grandview Changes Lives” — Owen's Story

Little Owen, only weighing 4lbs 2oz at birth, has been a fighter from the beginning. Facing challenges like fluctuating metabolic levels, made his first few days very difficult. So much so that when he was 4 days old he had kidney failure, resulting in "water on the brain", seizures and blue spells for a 24 hour period.

At 14 months old, Owen was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, but that has not slowed him down. Walking the entire 5k with the assistance of his walker, on a very rainy October day, Owen became a source of inspiration for thousands who followed his progress.

Thanks to the support of Grandview and his family, Owen is never told he can't do something. He is always encouraged to try.

At the Foundation, we are determined to help give children a chance to walk and talk! Our Grandview Kids are not limited by their personal circumstances and Owen and others like him need your help to ensure that they receive the critical therapy services that they need, and at the time they need it.

Your support will help change the lives of the over 5,000 children and youth with special needs and disabilities in Durham Region who get help from Grandview. With so many Durham Region children and youth still waiting for up to 18 months to access critical therapy services that will significantly change their lives, your support is needed.

Please "Help Our Kids" today!

Join our Grandview team and help give Grandview Kids the opportunity to dream, learn, succeed and belong.

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How can you get involved?

If you are unable to join us on October 20th, please show your support by sponsoring a runner or the Grandview Team.

To register and/or for more information please contact Brigitte Tschinkel, Grandview Children's Foundation 905.728.1673 ext.2312 or

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Thank you for supporting our Grandview Kids!


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