Greenest City Environmental Organization

Greenest City Environmental Organization

Greenest City Environmental Organization

Greenest City is a community-based charitable organization. Since 1996 we have been dedicated to building healthy, inclusive neighbourhoods using environmental education initiatives. Our programs and projects cater to a wide array of ages, ethnicity and economic backgrounds. Greenest City embraces the commonalities and the contradictions inherent in a diverse urban community and strives to facilitate experiences in which all participants can find meaning and relevance.

Here at Greenest City, we aim to increase the public's understanding on environmental issues, provide programs that protect and preserve the environment and conduct and disseminate research related to the environment.

Greenest City Environmental Organization

Urban Rooftop Farming is a major social enterprise initiative we are currently developing. Having farms inside the city limits which take advantage of unused roof space has the potential to improve urban quality of life, create jobs, increase access to healthy fresh foods, and provide environmental and agricultural education to those of us who live in and love the city.

Join the Greenest City Team and help us to build an Urban Rooftop Farm on top of the Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre.


Please join us!

Help us reach our goal of $35,000.

Visit for more information about our programs and Urban Rooftop Farming Initiative.

For more information contact Abe Dyck at 647.438.0038; email:


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