Glaucoma Research Society of Canada

Glaucoma Research Society of Canada

Your Vision is our Mission

The GLAUCOMA RESEARCH SOCIETY OF CANADA is a volunteer organization dedicated to finding a cure for Glaucoma, the commonest cause of irreversible world blindness. This disease affects 400,000 people in Canada with a further estimated 400,000 as yet undetected.

Our mission is to ensure that you will be able to see the brightness of spring, the colours of fall and of course read about and enjoy the spectacle of the world around us. This is where you come in. Join us as we run or walk and help us find a cure. Research in Glaucoma is seriously underfunded in Canada. We need your help.

Fund raising to prevent blindness may not be glamorous. But building community by raising funds to benefit the tens of thousands of people who currently have Glaucoma, and countless others who are at risk, is an incredible opportunity.

Please join us as we continue our efforts to promote and support research in Glaucoma, to eradicate the suffering caused by this potentially devastating disease.

For more information or to join our Glaucoma Research Team contact:

Name: Susan Schouela
Phone #: 416-447-5033