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Why walk or Run for Kinsa (the Kids' Internet Safety Alliance), and become part of the team that is making a difference?

Answer: 100,000 children whose sexual abuse are documented and traded on the Internet need you! They could be your family members, your friends' children, your children's friends.

Kinsaís mission is to protect and rescue child victims of sexual abuse whose images and movies are traded on the Internet. Our vision is to create a safety net that protects every child, everywhere from online abuse and exploitation. Kinsa was founded on the belief that every child should have every opportunity to realize their potential. Sexual abuse of children is horrifying. So horrifying in fact that most of us find it so shocking and repugnant, we cannot fathom the sort of depravity that would lead someone to destroy the innocent life of a child. The unfortunate reality is that sexual abuse of children is an ongoing problem in our society — a problem that is exacerbated by technology.


Kinsa Training is a highly successful program. In 5 years, Kinsa training of law enforcement from developing nations has resulted in 61 children being rescued from abuse. In addition, our training has resulted in 3900 children, 450 parents being educated and protected against being exploited on the Internet, as well as 3000 police officers becoming part of a team that is working to protect all children from online exploitation.

Our close working relationships with the best investigators in the world mean that we are always able to provide cutting edge training. Since 2006 Kinsa has trained police officers from Indonesia, Chile, Poland, Brazil, Romania and South Africa. One of the Brazilian officers we trained played a major role in the arrest of a man from New Brunswick for abusing 10 kids. Kinsa training works.

Developing nations have an incredible pool of keen, young, computer savvy officers who are starving for knowledge. They just need training and thatís what Kinsa does. We want to train them and give them the tools they need to go back to their country as agents of change.



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