Lymphedema Association of Ontario

Lymphedema Association of Ontario (LAO)

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Chances are cancer has already affected you or someone you love.
Chances are you're not aware of the life long risk of lymphedema.

All cancer survivors need to know they may have a life long risk of developing lymphedema and that there are practical steps they can take to help prevent this condition.

Isn't it time we didn't leave this to chance? Your donation and support will fund projects that focus on lymphedema education and awareness for patients, those at risk, and health care professionals.

What is lymphedema?

A long neglected aspect of cancer treatment, lymphedema is a chronic degenerative and lifelong condition with no known cure. It most commonly occurs as a result of cancer treatment that includes lymph node removal surgery. When the nodes are removed and/or the area radiated, an interruption of the lymph drainage produces chronic swelling of the affected limb, pain and an abnormal appearance. Undertreated lymphedema can lead to irreversible complications and further damage to the lymphatic system. For patients with lymphedema, as well as cancer survivors at a life long risk for developing the condition, daily management is required for life in order to avoid frequent hospitalizations for infection.

Who are we?

The Lymphedema Association of Ontario is a registered charity whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people living with lymphedema. Our programs and services help increase public awareness and support of lymphedema and educate patients and health care professionals about both the risks and treatment of lymphedema. We work hard to:

Why support us?

The issues facing the lymphedema community are real. Lymphedema remains under the medical and public radar screen. As a result, proper diagnosis, information and treatment are difficult to get. The recommended treatment options are expensive and not covered by our health care system and many insurance companies. With the thousands of cancer survivors in Ontario who are at risk for lymphedema, the potential audience we need to reach and support is huge and the work ahead of us is serious.

By supporting TEAM LYMPHEDEMA on October 14th you are playing a role in strengthening our efforts to tackle the issues… one step at a time.

For more information about lymphedema and our organization please contact us at 416-410-2250 or


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