LOFT Community Services

LOFT Community Services

“If you don't have a roof over your head, how can you look after your body and soul?”

Walk, Run, Donate, Cheer to Help Bring Hope and Recovery Home

“Kayla” is 18, “Evelyn” is 39 and “Dan” is 64. They come from different backgrounds and life experiences but there are some things they have in common. They have all been homeless. They all live with a mental health challenge, an addiction or both. They have all been abused and abandoned. They are all on the journey to recovery and independence, thanks to LOFT.

“Support LOFT, not just for me, but for all the other kids like me.” — Kayla

“LOFT is helping me see that not everything has to be a struggle or a hurt.” — Evelyn

“My senior years have become my superior years! Am I grateful? Oh, yes! I was homeless from 55 to 60. Like family, I know LOFT will always be there. — Dan

When you support LOFT Community Services you are helping people who are marginalized, especially people with mental health and addiction issues and histories of homelessness, to get back on their feet, take control of their lives and recover their dignity and independence.

100% of the donations raised through this event will go directly to help youth, adults and seniors in need. When you walk, run, donate or cheer as a member of Team LOFT you will be helping to ensure that people have a safe place to live so they can get off the street, and you'll be providing the services and support they need to stay off the street.

With great enthusiasm and commitment during the 2013 STWM, we walked, ran, sang and talked. We kept going, and the crowds kept encouraging us on. As we reached the end, the crowds grew thicker, and louder. We were buoyed by the cheering section and by the larger community. We walked and ran faster and straighter for the home stretch.

We do it every year and we always do it together. Now we want to do it again! Please join us!

Join Team LOFT!

Help us reach our goal of $60,000

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