Lupus Ontario

Lupus Ontario

Lupus Ontario

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, a type of self-allergy, whereby the patient's immune system creates antibodies which instead of protecting the body from bacteria & viruses attack the person's own body tissues. This causes symptoms of extreme fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, anemia, general malaise, and can result in the destruction of vital organs. It is a disease with many manifestations, and each person's profile or list of symptoms is different. It is often referred to as “The Disease of a 1000 Faces.”

Over 1:1000 people Canadian men, women and children are living with lupus. The ratio of women to men (who are affected) is 9:1 and the average age of diagnosis is between 15 and 45.

Lupus Ontario is a team of caring and enthusiastic volunteers and staff who are passionately committed to helping those with lupus live longer and better by raising funds that deliver vital support, education, awareness and research.

Lupus Ontario has 22 volunteer support centres around the province, provides education and public awareness and funds research. In addition, Lupus Ontario currently funds two Fellowships in Lupus, one at Hospital for Sick Kids and one at the Toronto Western Lupus Clinic. This type of partnership magnifies the value of every dollar donated to research in lupus. Whether it is through Walk for Lupus, a Golf Tournament, or one of our other Lupus Ontario fundraising events, proceeds of Lupus Ontario's fundraising activities have not only benefited research and education but more so, the lupus patients themselves with increased public awareness and support.


Register to Walk, Run or Wheelchair the 5km, Half Marathon or Full Marathon and support Lupus Ontario. Sign up with the ARTEZ online fundraising system and create your own fundraising page or download a pledge sheet. Set a personal goal and collect pledges from your family, friends, neighbours and co-workers. Persuade others to join the team. Start fundraising today!

For more information, please call Juanita Butler at 905-415-1099 or e-mail at


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