Matthew House

Matthew House

About Matthew House: A place of Hope at the end of the Refugee Highway…

Matthew House

Matthew House is a small shelter in central Toronto that welcomes and assists newly arrived refugee claimants, who would otherwise be homeless in our city upon arrival. Since opening as a permanent home in August 1998, Matthew House has sheltered and assisted hundreds of refugees from more than 80 nations including: Afghanistan, Angola, Burundi, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Matthew House does not receive any direct government funding, but exists because of the simple kindness and generosity of those who care about refugees. Thus, your support as an individual is vital to our annual Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM) fundraising drive. The more runners and donors we recruit, the greater our ability to serve an increased number refugee guests.

Matthew House

As we participate in the charity run, we gratefully acknowledge the support of all members of the Matthew House team. We are an incredible mix of people from all walks of life reflecting the diversity of our organization and our city: doctors, lawyers, CEOs, staff, board members, volunteers and former residents from all corners of the globe (including champion marathoners!). All have lent their support to our cause — providing a warm and welcoming place to refugees at the end of their long journey on the refugee highway.

Canada Running Series multiple-time female Champion Josiane Aboungono, who once called Matthew House "home", expresses her commitment to "giving back" by her ongoing participation as a Matthew House STWM team supporter. "Matthew House is never far from my thoughts," says Aboungono.

Will you consider joining us in this very exciting year? You are invited — in friendship, in hope — you are needed! Join us please and bring along friends, family, neighbours and workmates to help increase our team size and achieve our goal of at least $50,000.

We Value Your Support!

Thank you for considering becoming a part of the Matthew House Team at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon Group Charity Challenge.

There are lots of ways to show your support!

Matthew House
  1. You can join our team and participate in the marathon, half-marathon, or the 5k race on Sunday, October 20, 2013. Scotiabank's online tool helps make it easy for you to collect pledges for Matthew House prior to the event! We are thrilled to have you join us!!
  2. Unable to participate in the event? No problem! You can show your support for Matthew House by sponsoring an individual participant or the Matthew House Team.
  3. Check our website ( to learn about special team activities before the event.

Funds raised through this exciting event will go directly towards supporting Matthew House's vital work of providing a "place of hope at the end of the refugee highway" for many needy newcomers. Thank you!

For more information, or to register as a participant on the Matthew House team, contact Matthew House by phone at 416-364-8287 or by email at


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