Moorelands Community Services

Moorelands Community Services


Moorelands Community Services

Who we are

At Moorelands, we recognize the inherent value of all children and youth. We work with Toronto's children and youth affected by poverty, to provide them with positive and fun experiences to help strengthen their confidence, competence, character and to build positive connections to peers and caring adults.

Why support us?

Moorelands teaches kids from low-income, Toronto neighbourhoods, the 21st Century skills they need to be outstanding leaders and engaged citizens. We provide opportunities for kids to develop and practise critical thinking and decision making; emotional intelligence; and interpersonal skills, including: communication, conflict resolution, creative problem solving, strategic thinking, influencing skills and teamwork.

Moorelands Community Services

Our fun, 'intentional' programs promote: 1)physical activity; 2)life skills development; 3)character development; 4)cultural competence; 5) tolerance and appreciation for diversity;6) connections with peers, role models and community.

We know the social cost associated with poverty is high — we also know that programs such as those offered by Moorelands make a real and measurable difference. We know that you can make this happen!

Run/Walk, Fundraise and Celebrate with us

As we work toward securing our children's future, we ask you to walk beside us, to become Moorelands ambassadors and to consider making Moorelands your charity of choice.

Prizes will be given to top 3 fundraisers at Moorelands' Post-race brunch!

If you are unable to join us on October 19, please show your support by sponsoring an individual or Team Moorelands.

Your donation will go directly to support the kids in our programs. Immediate electronic tax receipts for $5 and over.

For more information, please visit or contact Inta Dukule, Development & Stewardship Coordinator, at 416-466-9987 x303 or

Moorelands Community Services


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