Moorelands Community Services

Moorelands Community Services

Join Moorelands Community Services in creating opportunities for Toronto children impacted by poverty!

“With a rich history in community service to a variety of at-risk communities, for the past fifteen years Moorelands has chosen to focus its work exclusively on work with low-income children and youth. Recognizing that investment in children will yield benefits to both the individuals served and to their families and communities for generations, Moorelands is a model service provider using evidence-based practices grounded in both academic and field research with a rigorous internal and external evaluation regime.”

The Rev. Dr. Robert Oliphant
Former Member of Parliament, Don Valley West

Helping Kids and Building Citizenship

Moorelands Community Services (formerly the Downtown Churchworkers' Association) was founded in 1912 to address the needs of impoverished families living in downtown Toronto. By the mid 1990's, Moorelands chose to focus exclusively on its work with children and youth living in poverty. The organization's name was changed in 2001 to reflect the independent, multi-cultural, multi-faith, and multi-ethnic community service it has become.

Our goal is to give children a fighting chance by providing programs which will help them become contributing members of their community.

Children from low-income neighbourhoods face bigger challenges than their peers. Research shows that there are significant links between low income and poor academic achievement and behaviour problems including delinquency, substance abuse and teen pregnancy.

Through our structured out-of-school programs, Moorelands provides disadvantaged Toronto children and youth with the tools and skills they need to succeed. We teach them how to make good choices, build competence, confidence and character, and connect them with caring adults and their communities. Studies show that youth who are connected with their community and have good role models are less likely to participate in delinquent behaviour. Competent children are more likely to experience academic success.

Moorelands has helped kids shape brighter futures for a whole century, and we know that youth who practise positive character traits such as trustworthiness, respect and responsibility make great citizens.

Our programs include:

We know the social cost associated with poverty is high — we also know that programs such as those offered by Moorelands make a real and measurable difference.

Get Involved and Spread the Word!

We invite you to become an ambassador for Moorelands. Tell your friends and family about why you support Moorelands; sign up for the race and sign up a friend or family member; start your own team or join team Moorelands. There are many ways to get involved! Please help us spread the word and join today!


Your donation will go directly to support children in our programs.

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