People to People Aid Organization (Canada)

People to People Aid Organization (Canada)

People to People Aid Organization (Canada), P2P, is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1999 in the City of Toronto by a group of concerned Ethiopian-Canadians with the commitment to reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases. Our aim is to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in the Greater Toronto Area and to provide life-sustaining support to orphaned children in Ethiopia.

Since its inception, P2P has been reaching out to a wide range of stakeholders in the Greater Toronto Area through its Public Education Program by organizing and leading a series of workshops, campaigns, and discussion forums on HIV/AIDS, sexual health and other health determinants. P2P has also produced a number of HIV/AIDS information brochures and posters that have been distributed widely.

P2P is excited to part at the 2016 Scotiabank Charity Challenge to raise $40,000 to support children orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. We would like to continue our collaboration with friends, supporters, sponsors, community organizations, youth groups and the media to achieve our goal. All funds raised will go towards our Orphan Sponsorship Program with zero overhead costs.

Currently, P2P provides life-sustaining support to 200 children by covering their food, clothing, health and education needs. We also help orphaned children who do not have access to education through early childhood care and education as well as tutorial support projects.

For those who raise over $1,000 CAD, P2P will reimburse the registration fee.

People to People Aid Organization (Canada)


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