Run for Jason in support of b.r.a.i.n.child

Run for Jason in support of b.r.a.i.n.child

In early November, 2007, a bright and wonderful boy named Jason Ayer complained to his mother that he had a bad headache. Very shortly thereafter, Jason underwent a CT scan and a mass was discovered in the centre of his brain. In order for the doctors to understand exactly what they were dealing with, they scheduled a biopsy of the tumor. During this brain surgery, a shunt was also inserted to relieve the fluid pressure on Jason's brain that the tumor was causing. This shunt will remain with him for the rest of his life. He was diagnosed on November 13th, 2007 with a low-grade glioma called an Astrocytoma.

The recommended treatment for Jason's type of brain tumor is a steady course of chemotherapy: for sixty-one (61) consecutive weeks. Since December, 2007, Jason has been receiving weekly chemo sessions and regular monitoring at the Hospital for Sick Children (HSC) in Toronto. With his signature smile and good cheer, Jason has been attending each of these sessions without complaint.

On Friday June 5, 2009, Jason received his 70th chemotherapy treatment and completed his protocol. During the next 24 months he will be closely monitored by MRI and blood tests to check if the tumour continues to stay stable.

Jason is a true inspiration to any of us who have ever felt like we were having a 'bad day'.


b.r.a.i.n.child is a brain tumour research assistance and information network, located at the Hospital for Sick Children (HSC). The organization consists entirely of volunteers. In addition to assisting patients, parents, and friends through education and support, b.r.a.i.n.child seeks to provide funding for research into the causes, treatment and cure of pediatric brain cancers.

If it were not for the research made possible by organizations such as b.r.a.i.n.child, Jason's treatment protocol might have been very different. Recent advancements in chemotherapy treatments permitted Jason to avoid needing an operation which would have put him at risk for a potentially serious brain injury.

By joining the Second Annual "Run for Jason" in support of b.r.a.i.n.child team, you can help to make a real difference in the lives of children like Jason whose hope depends, in part, on the continued advancements made possible through medical research. Over twenty participants ran or walked in 2008 and together raised over $20,000 for b.r.a.i.n.child. There is a place for everyone on our team: participants can walk or run a 5k, half-marathon, or full marathon as part of the fabulous Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon event. Every step we take together is a step closer to a cure for Astrocytoma and other paediatric brain cancers.

Our goal as a Team is to raise another $10,000 for b.r.a.i.n.child/Hospital for Sick Children. So lace up your shoes, set your fundraising sights high, and join us in this fabulous opportunity to give something back to the organizations which have provided first-class support and care to Jason and his family since his cancer journey began.

Need some Incentive? Raise over $250 for b.r.a.i.n.child and receive a free entry to the Race.

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