Ruskoka Orthodox Retreat "Ruskoka Camp"

Ruskoka Orthodox Retreat 'Ruskoka Camp'

RUSKOKA CAMP is a volunteer-based summer camp that hosts disadvantaged children and youth from the diverse Russian language immigrant and Canadian-born community. Located in the Muskoka area of Fraserburg, our mission is to provide the joys of wilderness, canoeing, rafting, bonfires, and sleeping under the stars in a fun, safe and culturally accessible camp for children, some of whom have only ever heard of Canada's great wilderness but would have no chance to see it if it were not for Ruskoka. Canadians and Russians share a love of nature but Russians are often surprised to realize that our natural playgrounds are not just far from the city, but expensive to reach and to stay in. Join Ruskoka as we set out to open rivers and forests to these children in a safe, healthy, supervised and culturally familiar way! Sign up to walk or run, and to raise funds for this very worthwhile charity.


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