The Samaritan Foundation

The Samaritan Foundation

The Samaritan Foundation was founded by Elio Madonia, a retired Toronto businessman. While on vacation in the Dominican Republic, the squalid living conditions he witnessed moved him so deeply that he vowed to make a radical difference in the lives of the poor and impoverished.

“I was strolling,” he remembers, “along the streets of a small town called Sosua, near Puerto Plata, when I was struck by the extreme poverty of the houses in the area. Those weren't even houses, they were little more than shelters, roughly built, with no water, no lighting, with earthen floors.”

His observations and subsequent decision to make a difference, led to a legacy. For over 20 years The Samaritan Foundation has assisted the poorest of the poor in the Dominican Republic by providing modest housing in villages. To date they have built nine villages representing over 1000 homes, 10 churches, 6 schools, 5 medical centres and sports facilities which have changed lives of countless women, men, and children as well as the face of the country itself.

In this particular initiative, our goal is to raise money for Fundación Nidito de Amor (The Nest of Love School). This school enables 300+ under-privileged children in Villa Emmanuel, Dominican Republic, to get an education thereby empowering them to break the cycle of poverty. While the Nest of Love is thriving as a school that fosters an environment of learning and discovery, it is in desperate need of a kitchen so each child will be assured a nutritious meal everyday.

We Appreciate Your Support!

What about you and your friends partnering with us on the STWM fundraising drive? The more runners and donors we recruit, the more children are empowered to rise above hardships and reach their full potential. Our goal is to raise $20,000, which will go directly to Nest of Love and give hope to hundreds of children who wouldn't otherwise have a chance.

100% of funds raised through this exciting event will go directly to The Samaritan Foundation's work for The Nest of Love. You will receive your tax-receipts at year end from The Samaritan Foundation as well.

For more information, or to register as a participant on the Samaritan Foundation Team, contact Evelyn Roberts, Team Leader. C. 416-884-1442 or email


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