Run or walk for Serve during the Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge

Join the Serve Squad, and collect pledges to help engage more youth for change.
The average cost for one youth to participant in a Serve program is $5,300. Our goal is to raise $15,000 this year for the youth of Toronto!

About Serve

Serve works with youth ages 13-24 in inner-city communities in experiential education that connects youth and the community — and positively impacts both. Youth who come to Serve often face obstacles — personal, economic, and social — that have made it difficult to achieve success. Serve offers youth experiential learning programs which range from a six-month program for older youth, to March Break and summer programming for younger age groups. As well, Serve offers a six-week summer employment readiness program for older youth. Youth participants with Serve discover their true potential through developing leadership and teamwork skills.

Unlike any other program in Toronto, and unique to Serve, we use a comprehensive, tailored and holistic approach to tackle the issues facing youth today: through personal development, team work, community service, and for our older youth, financial assistance all on the platform of experiential and reflective learning. Serve engages diverse and vulnerable youth so that they can establish personal direction, overcome obstacles, achieve goals and become involved citizens and leaders.

Key to Serve's success is the community service aspect of our programs. Youth spend a minimum of 50% of their time while at Serve assisting others in the community. Not only does this build confidence and tangible experience, it builds relationships and understanding. Serve's unique approach is award-winning and effective: 86% of last year's youth achieved their goals by returning to high-school, entering post-secondary education, or finding employment.

Free registration to the first 10 runners who join the Serve Squad ~

Tax receipts will be issued for pledges over $10.

For more information on becoming part of the Serve Squad contact us at (416) 933-2950 or

To learn more about Serve, please visit


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