Toronto Christian Resource Centre

Toronto Christian Resource Centre

CRC makes a difference.

Toronto Christian Resource Centre

CRC is a place where someone who is hungry can find a nutritious meal. Where someone who needs a warm shower can get one. Where someone with no belongings can find comfortable boots, a toque, or pair of mitts to help stave off the cold.

CRC is where someone who is homeless might be connected with a home. Where someone whose home is at risk can find the support they need to remain housed. Where someone secure in their housing can begin to reach out and engage in the community.

CRC is where people can learn about nutrition, develop new cooking skills, participate in gardening and the growing of healthy food, or find out how together they can help each other better their lives or advocate for change that improves their personal circumstances.

CRC is where someone has a name. Where someone is missed if they are not seen for a few days. CRC is where someone finds that they matter, a place where someone can make friends and find the support they need.

CRC is a place of hope!

CRC has been providing practical assistance to Torontonians marginalized by poverty since 1964. CRC has worked tirelessly to develop programs to help the residents of Regent Park and the surrounding neighbourhoods realize their potential and contribute to a better community. Our philosophy has always remained the same — "to help people to help themselves".

Toronto Christian Resource Centre

Through the 2014 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Charity Challenge, CRC hopes to raise $10,000 for our housing and food programs.


CRC helps people, experiencing homelessness or who are poorly housed, secure a home to stabilize their lives. We provide resources to keep them housed and connections to the community to help rebuild their lives.

Our apartments at 40 Oaks allows tenants to be connected to services that assist their daily living. It is a community that includes regular meetings and activities so tenants can connect with each other and engage with Regent Park residents. 100 tenants live in 87 units of deeply affordable housing at 40 Oaks.

Our rooming house is a place where tenants pay according to their means and have access to housing support and employment workers. 10 individuals live here.


Toronto Christian Resource Centre

CRC's Community Food Centre provides access to high-quality food in a dignified setting, space and tools to develop cooking and gardening skills, and the opportunity for people to find their voices on the issues that matter to them, make friends, and find supports.

Programs include:

You may ask yourself (or hear other people ask) if there really is anything that one single person can do to actually have an effect on their community. The short answer is "yes!" It would have been impossible for CRC to have had the impact it has had on the Regent Park community without the support of individuals like yourself. Building a community is difficult, rebuilding one takes imagination and commitment. With your support, we can continue to create opportunities for a better life for everyone in our community.

Support CRC and make your run even more meaningful!

In addition to having the satisfaction of completing your run and making it more meaningful by raising financial support for CRC, you will also receive a CRC apron (black with the CRC logo in white).

40 Oaks is a special place because we are safe in the community. We're all like family here.
We all care for one another and we try to help one another — that's just the way we are.
Joan, 40 Oaks Tenant

The meal program here is wonderful. Without it many people would not have access to nutritious food.
Mike, Community Meal Program participant


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