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The Teresa Group

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Join Team Teresa Group on Sunday October 20, 2013

"Help these feet get to the finish line"

Children whose families have been deeply affected by HIV and AIDS often live difficult lives marked by stigma and discrimination. The Teresa Group through many of their group programs, works with children to allow them to express their inner most thoughts and feelings, often through the use of art. The pictures you see here are expressions of how these children view their world. Some are fearful, anxious, sad or angry. Others are hopeful and look to a different, happier present and future.

The fear of being "found out" and the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS can create a pervasive sense of loneliness and isolation.

"Nothing can stop me from achieving my goal, not even HIV." Kalzy, age 11

Join The Teresa Group Team — Run or walk the 5K — Run the half or full marathon

Raise funds to ensure the current emotional support groups for children and youth affected by HIV and AIDS will continue.

Join The Teresa Group Team today … You can make a difference!

For further information contact Constance Nobes
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