Thyroid Cancer Canada

Thyroid Cancer Canada

Thyroid Cancer Canada is working towards creating an environment in which people who are dealing with thyroid cancer, especially the newly diagnosed, are met with support and information. Thyroid Cancer Canada (TCC) draws on the medical community to provide a consistent and high standard of support for all individuals dealing with the disease, and is pleased to have assistance from a Medical Advisory Panel of experts.

TCC's goals & objectives include facilitating communication among thyroid cancer patients, providing credible information about the disease, providing emotional support, and assisting thyroid cancer patients with voicing their needs to health care professionals and those who are responsible for health care policy.

TCC is a national charitable organization operated by volunteer patients and their families & friends. All of our resources are provided free of cost. Most of our operating budget is reliant on donations made by our members. We currently have more than 3,000 active patient-members and provide the following free resources:

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Donation information, contact: Rita Banach,
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