UrbanPromise Toronto

UrbanPromise Toronto

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The urban setting of Toronto Community Housing bears the obvious scars of gangs, drugs, violence, fatherless homes, academic underachievement and the crushing weight of generational poverty.

So how do we make a difference in the life of a child who seems destined to succumb to these pressures?

We are convinced that the best way to prevent youth from entering into high-risk behaviours is to reach them when they're children. That is why we begin with after school program for children as young as age five.

Our mission is not about creating fancy programs that might produce short term results. It is about expressing the love of Christ in very simple practical ways, and trusting God to transform lives.

This means a myriad of different things for us; a safe place to come after school, assistance with homework, healthy snacks, crazy skits and games, modelling godly behaviour and sharing Biblical truths. It is also attending court dates with youth, caring for teenaged moms, grieving with broken families and teaching discipline to hurting children who act out of their pain.

In all of these things, our purpose is to proclaim love.

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For more information please contact:
Lindsay Wadsworth
Phone: 416-516-6121 ext 36
Email: lindsay@urbanpromise.com.

UrbanPromise Toronto exists to proclaim the love of Jesus, and to express it through the educational, social, and spiritual development of children, youth and families living in Toronto Community Housing.

Website: www.urbanpromise.com


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