Wings of Courage Orphan Outreach Society

Wings of Courage Orphan Outreach Society

What is Wings of Courage?

A charitable organization dedicated to strengthening vulnerable communities in Uganda by providing emotional support and the provision of basic needs to orphans and child-headed households. Wings of Courage (WOC) works to promote the understanding and awareness of the importance of holistic healthy development and the protection of children's rights so that these children develop to their full potential, along a path that they have created with us, free from hunger and want, neglect and abuse. WOC is a partnership of Ugandan and Canadian people working together to break down the barriers and hear the voices of the young people. WOC is committed to emphasize the strengths, understand the struggles, and meet the needs of orphans and child-headed households in Uganda & facilitating community capacity.

How can you help?

What does it mean to be part of the Wings of Courage team?

You will be supporting a new and ambitious charitable organization which assists with providing orphans in Uganda the basic needs required to live and prosper. We also offer the following:

Thank you so much for visiting our page! To learn more about Wings of Courage, visit our website at, find us on Facebook at, or email us at! See you in October!


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