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The Beach Group Centre 55 Community Centre


Kew Gardens Park


Join the throngs of spectators lining the street! Help The Beach Group fundraise for Centre 55 Community Centre — Share A Christmas Program.

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NCE 11

Neighbourhood Champion: Mike O'Neill

Mike O'Neill

Born and raised in the beaches, Mike has been involved with many iconic beach institutions such as Ted Reeve Hockey, Beaches Lacrosse, the BBC and worked as a lifeguard for 7 seasons at the Leuty Lifeguard Station. All proceeds donated go directly to Centre 55 Community Centre, which provides a variety of programs within this great neighbourhood. Thank you for your donation!

Please put a pledge on Mike and the Beach Group, TODAY, for Centre 55!


Neighbourhood Champion: Bob Lesser

Bob Lesser

You may have seen Bob with his running partner and black lab Strider. Now in his fourth year in triathlon, Bob loves to work out in the Beach, his family home for 20 years. Whether running along the boardwalk, working out at the Balmy Beach Club, or swimming in the lake or Summerville Pool and riding along Kingston Road — Bob likes to keep it local!

Please put a pledge on Bob and the Beach Group, TODAY, for Centre 55!


Neighbourhood Champion: Andrew Mills

Andrew Mills

After living 7 years in Vancouver, Andrew moved to Toronto in the Beach where he has lived for the past 12 years. Andrew has run several full marathons both in Vancouver and Toronto. Besides running, he also trains in other sports such as karate and swimming. When not running post patterns playing his favourite sport Football, Andrew now has 2 young kids who keep him running, preparing him to attack another full marathon!

Please put a pledge on Andrew and the Beach Group, TODAY, for Centre 55!


Neighbourhood Champion: Geoff Burke

Geoff Burke

I was born in Toronto and grew up in the Annex. I have lived in the Beach since 2008. I am married with 2 children. I have competed in 3 half marathons and 6 full marathons. I played mainly contact sports growing up and only started running in my 30's. I find running to be the toughest of all the sports that I have played because you cannot wing it and if you have not prepared yourself for a race properly there is no avoiding pain. The marathon is not just the race itself but the months of preparation and planning that go before it. When you cross the finish line you are not completing just 42KM but many runs that took place before it to allow you to get to this end point.

Please put a pledge on Geoff and the Beach Group, TODAY, for Centre 55!


Neighbourhood Champion: Fernando Carneiro

Fernando Carneiro

I took up running while going through a difficult personal time and discovered that you can run away from your problems! Thanks to a Running Room training clinic I finished my first marathon in 2013 and haven't stopped running since, including international runs in Brazil and the U.S.

Please put a pledge on Fernando and the Beach Group, TODAY, for Centre 55!


Neighbourhood Champion: Robinson Ocampo

Robinson Ocampo

In 2010 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and immediately had to have my colon (large intestines) removed because they were so diseased. Later, that diagnosis changed to Crohn's disease. 3 surgeries followed. In July of 2014 I stepped out my front door for a run. I went for a run to prove to myself I had recovered, to become healthier, to meditate, to work out my thoughts, to feel better about myself, to prove to others that I was not feeble. Running was very difficult at that time while my body became accustomed to it. But I continued to run, and the reasons why just kept adding. Early into my new running hobby, my friend Fernando invited me to join a team for a Tough Mudder, and I ignorantly agreed, since I did not know what it was. I figured if Fernando thought I could do it, then I could. That was my first running event. Since then I have ran a 5k, 10k, 10 Miler, and a half marathon. Fernando invited me to join the beach team f or this full marathon. This will be my first full marathon, but if Fernando thinks I can do it, then I can. No colon, no problem. Let's do this!

Please put a pledge on Robinson and the Beach Group, TODAY, for Centre 55!


Centre 55 Community Centre

Neighbourhood Charity & Sponsoring Group:
Centre 55 Community Centre — Share A Christmas Program and The Beach Group

The Beach Group

Established in 2012, The Beach Group is a group of volunteers who support the local community in a positive way. We are not a charity, an organization or a business. We are local beach volunteers that live throughout the beach community.

This year we have dedicated our resources to creating another epic event in support of Centre 55 Community Centre — Share A Christmas Program.

Follow us live on Twitter @the_beach_group and @TBGRaceTeam as we gear up to host the 2015 #BeachTO Neighbourhood Challenge.


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