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Join the throngs of spectators lining the street! Help Beaches Lions & the Beach Running Club fundraise for Children's Wish. Live music!

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Beach Lions Club, Beach Running Club, Beach Rotary Club & neighbourhood associations fundraising for Children's Wish

Children's Wish


When life presents its most difficult challenge, a wish brings hope for tomorrow. The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada is all about bringing wishes to life, and providing families with magical, everlasting memories and experiences.

Each wish is as special as the individual child.

  1. How does a wish make a difference?

    For a child whose wish is about to be granted, the pain and discomfort of the illness and often harsh treatment regimes somehow becomes more bearable. For many, the excitement of planning and anticipating their dream has a dramatic effect on their healing. These courageous youngsters often experience a renewed sense of energy and hope as they see a different kind of light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. How do children qualify for a wish?

    Any child residing in Canada between the ages of 3 and 17 who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness qualifies for a wish. This illness must be verified by the child's treating physician and must reside in Canada. We have no waiting list. Families decide when they are ready. So, it could be next day or next year when they have their wish granted.

  3. How much does a wish cost?

    Wishes vary in expense by virtue of their variety and complexity. They can cost hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. For example, a travel wish generally involves transportation and accommodations for the entire family as well as meals and expenses. In addition, any necessary medical expenses such as wheelchairs, respirators and even medical attendants are covered. An average cost of a wish is $10,000.

  4. What are the most popular wish requests?

    Wishes include requests for travel, entertainment centres, computer systems and meeting celebrities. Disney is the number one wish request at Children's Wish. Ten years old is the average wish age!

  5. How can the community become involved?

    Our organization is not funded by the government in any way. We rely on the generosity of our supporters to help us bring wishes to life for the many children who are referred to our office. Many individuals and companies support us in reaching our goals. The community can help by making donations or by hosting a Community Event (ie. golf tournaments, sporting events, bake sales, car washes, talent shows, casual days at the office, fashion shows, etc.) in support of Children's Wish. You may also wish to become a volunteer.

  6. How can I volunteer?

    You may apply online at our website at or fill out the volunteer application form. Once the form has been received we will process your application form. You will receive a confirmation and orientation package to welcome you to Children's Wish.

  7. What types of volunteer opportunities are available?

    Volunteer opportunities are available at fundraisers held in support of Children's Wish. Some events needing support are: golf tournaments, trade shows, and information booths. Please note: Volunteer opportunities do not extend to Wish Children and their Families but third party and community events.

What makes The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada so unique?

The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, founded by Laura Cole in the Town of Ajax, celebrated 29 years of granting wishes to children, aged three to seventeen, coping with life-threatening illnesses.

Children's Wish has been responsible for bringing special moments of joy to more than 19,000 children to date nationally and over 4,100 in Ontario alone.

As a national, all-Canadian, non-profit organization, with chapters in each province, Children's Wish grants hundreds of wishes each year. Children's Wish is extremely proud to have fulfilled more wishes for children in Canada than any other wish-granting agency and has never in its history said "no" to an eligible child. We grant on average close to 3 wishes per day… a wish for every time you sit down to a meal!

Wishes have included room decorations, computer and gaming equipment, entertainment systems, meeting celebrities, and family vacations, with Disney being the destination of choice for the majority of our most special children. The wishes are chosen by the children meeting the challenge of a life-threatening illness and are as special and individual as the child. We have granted some of the most complex wishes imaginable!

Children's Wish owes its success to the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have contributed their time, talents and financial contributions over the years to help us make wishes come true. This wouldn't be possible without the support of communities across the country, and the generosity of donors who believe in our mission.


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